We are all in this together

There is so much uncertainty now in the world, and although we may not always see it, or feel it, I'm a faithful person with the sincere belief that G-d's protection is real. With extra time on my hands to think, to write and to create, I wanted to share a few thoughts about how I believe we can make some sense out of the chaos we're living in.  

Community and Kindness

In this time of uncertainty, extending out to our community with random acts of kindness is certain to help us. But how can we do that? With telephones, skype, whatsapp and all the technology we have at our fingertips, it's time to reconnect! Find that friend you've been meaning to connect with, and call. Offer to make / bake or lend a book. We're going to be spending a lot of time indoors in the near future, make the time and effort to reach out to those near and far. 


We all have the choice and options to do what make us happy. Are there ways for you to be productive in your own home? Is it time to declutter? Is it time to organize your spices? What about just having a glass of tea and "recentering"? Although we live in uncertain times, we are living in historical times (for better or for worse). These can potentially be times to be cherished, it's time to seize the moment (or moments) of tranquility. 

Stretch Your "Real" Muscles

Have a dance party, walk around the block, do some gentle stretches. The point is...move around, it will clear your thoughts. 

Stretch Your Creative Muscles 

Turn off the computer. Listen to music. Learn how to play a musical instrument. Pick up a pencil and write a story (write a blog) or design a new piece of jewelry! 

Use Your Time Well

When you, my community made special request, to create a faith-based jewelry item, I immediately knew what message I wanted to convey. I believe the God is ultimately our source of ultimate protection, and Psalm 91 is a perfect example of a source of comfort in these times of anxiety and uncertainty. I have created a slip-on bangle and co-ordinating ring for you. A great conversation starter, and an elegant reminder that God is protecting us all.  

Wishing you best, please stay healthy and let me know how you're managing during this crisis.



Three Surprising Facts about Earrings That you May Not Know!

An earring is a fashion accessory attached to your ear; but you're certainly not committed to wearing earrings only on your lobes! It seems that every millimeter, from the lobe up through the cartilage can be the perfect canvas for adornment.

Over time, studs and hoops have transformed to climbers, barbells or huggies but I would love to share some surprising facts about earrings that you may not have known! 

1. Men Have Been Wearing Earrings for Thousands of Years!

Portraits from the 15th century depicted wealthy MEN showing off their fortunes wearing opulent fabrics, and earrings. But it goes back even further! Texts from the Bible include descriptions of warriors being decked out for war donning earrings. 

2. How Many Places on your ears can you Pierce?

Are you ready to guess? If you said 9, you'd be right! Are you ready for the names of all the parts of your ears? Cartilage, Industrial, Rook, Daith, Targus, Snug, Conch, Anti-Targus and lobe. How you arrange them is up to you!

3. Pirates Wore Earrings for Superstitious Reasons!

Some pirates were convinced that wearing an earring was a type of "talisman". They though that maybe it would protect them on their voyages. I think it just may have prevented seasickness! 

Over time, we have gradually become more accustomed to seeing earrings on all genders and nearly all ages. Earrings just look great. It's the first accessory that someone sees when they look at your face, which makes them a very vital adornment.

Our 925 sterling silver or 14K gold collections of hoop, stud and dangle earrings are the perfect fit for every shape of face, and for every occasion. I believe that jewelry is the perfect spice of life! Which earrings will you be wearing to add some drama?

Wanna Hear a Big Secret?

Hello My Dear Friends,

I've been keeping a secret from you. But now I've decided to reveal it. I've never heard of International Women's Day. That is until this year. I've always believed in gender equality, and female empowerment. I work with male and female designers and production managers and the thought would have never occurred to me to not pay them equally for their expertise. 

So, when my team this year suggested a special savings event for International Women's Day, I needed to do some homework to brush up on what it means and how it's built momentum as a day to celebrate an "Equal and an Enabled World" in 2020.

danny newfeld turquoise necklace

International Women's Day stands out uniquely; it's not like "Mother's Day" (celebrated on different days throughout regions of the world). It's not like "Valentines' Day" (whose origins we religious based). It is not country, religion or organizations specific, which I think is quite spectacular. 

Started over 100 years ago, this holiday has gained worldwide momentum and for good reason! I find it hard to imagine that there was  time when women couldn't vote nor attend medical school, can you imagine living in that world? We know that there are inspiring women in leadership roles in fortune 500 companies, politics and innovation; but there's plenty of room for more! 

I know that there's still a long way to go, and we still have a lot to learn, but I'm hopeful that we're finally on the right path!  Now it's your turn, tell me about the contributions of inspiring females in your life! I want to know!



The Seasons, They go Round and Round

My Dear Friends, 

I. Love. Spinner. Rings.

But if you've ever visited my collection, you already know that! I would love to tell you about how the spinner ring concept began, but more importantly, I would like to share with you how personal the development of this ring is to me.

I like to think of the spinner ring as "the circle of life". It's time to talk about the cycle of life. While we may experience events, and periods of times that are challenging, our world keeps spinning around us. As a divorced dad, I really was not focused on restarting the dating, courtship, marriage cycle. About a year ago, Sherly came into our offices in Israel.  As professionals in the jewelry industry, our paths had crossed many times over the past 10 years. But something made me push myself to ask her out. Gracefully, she agreed! 

danny newfeld engaged

With her living in Italy, and my intense traveling schedule, dating was logistically challenging. But, we made it work! We had an fabulous courtship, and when it was time to "pop the question"...we excitedly made plans for our fall nuptials in Italy.

I like to call this ring the CIRCLE OF LIFE ring, the KARMA ring, the MEDITATION ring, the FIDGET RING, or the WORRY ring. Think about it....if you have anxiety and you're prone to biting or picking your nails, then a spinner ring is perfect!! It's a beautiful (and less obvious) way to move your hands about if you're feeling anxiety. Couple the spinning motion with some deep breaths and you could be on your way to a more calmer state.

danny newfeld married

I love being a newlywed, with all the excitement anticipation and admiration that 


Now, it's time to talk about the "circle / cycle of life." Have you had a difficult day? You can wake up and tomorrow and it will be better. Are you frustrated or stressed? Take some calming, meditative breaths to help you recenter. While you may have months or years that are challenging, our world keeps spinning around us.


Maybe you can now understand how the spinner ring becomes representative of our life cycles. Sometimes our world appears to rotate around us, sometimes we are in orbit looking in. The spinner ring can be your tangible tool to help you grab hold of life. I invite you to to come join the "revolution" of jewelry and find your spinner ring

For this Month's Special Value, our GEMSTONE SPINNER ring is on sale for a fabulous price of only $79.99. Decked out in gemstones and 14K gold accents, you just may find yourself meditating and focusing upon your new spinner ring! 


Sending Chocolate? Four Special Ways to Celebrate Valentine's Day

"Valentine's Day," Hallmark Holiday or is there something more? And if there is....why give chocolates, flowers or jewelry? Shouldn't we be expressing our love every day of the year? I don't believe we should limit romance! 

 I know that there's a lot of hype surrounding February 14, and while the history of the actual "date" of Valentine's Day is connected to some ancient rituals, I don't think we should reserve ONE night a year to show love to the ones we fact: Valentine's Day didn't really exist in Israel until a few years it's called the "Day of Love" and it's definitely become a commercial holiday, the way it was in the United States.

So, instead of picking ONE day a year for a romantic get-away, a time to send jewelry or flowers, I have thought of some romantic events that I would like to share with you some romantic ideas that can be done ANYTIME of the year! 

shabbat with danny newfeld

If you follow me on social media, you know that I love being in the kitchen with my wife! Whether it's just cooking for two, or cooking for a crew, we love creating and spending time together! It's a great opportunity to experiment, and especially to connect. You can't be on your phones if you're spending time measuring!

Image may contain: 2 people, closeup


Get all dressed up and head out! It doesn't matter if you head to the movies, the park, or a cafe. Spend the time to don your favorite outfit and head out for a night on the town! 


Hold hands, enjoy the fresh air, and if you have a pet (that's Tiga, by the way) take them too! Clear your head from distractions....smell the flowers! 

Image may contain: 1 person, dog

In the box or outside the box? A gift is always in style!
What's the icing on the cake of romance? A gift is always in style! You can think "in the box"!  A gift of jewelry is always appreciated, and with the abundance of hearts available in our collection, you'll be able to find the perfect gift - for any budget. Or...think "out of the box"....a fruit basket, cookie delivery, scavenger hunt, or even a staycation! Have fun, be spontaneous, be romantic! Show the one you love some love....any time of the year!

If you LOVE still have time to order our MONTHLY SPECIAL VALUE with time for expedited shipping for Valentine's Day! Save another 10% on our Valentine's Day Collection by using the coupon VALENTINES10!*

Enjoy your "Day of Love"....and every day of Love....let me know how you celebrated!

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