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Please welcome to the arena: a stunning piece from our Roman Glass Collection, our Sterling Silver Roman Glass Charm Bracelet. Elegant, enchanting, bold and rare, like each one of our DN community members. As I like to say, when you wear Roman Glass, you wear a piece of history. When wearing this bracelet, its owner adds an extra layer to her-story. Composed of nature’s beautiful artwork, formed over centuries in a complex chemical process, stunning Roman Glass jewelry is almost completely unique to Israel. However, this rare material offers an even higher value to women than its glamorous nature, rooted in stories of ancient Greece and the Roman Empire.

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Garnet Gemstone Stack Ring

From her fingertips to her toes, every woman has a unique mind, voice, look and personality. Some think that these differences set us apart, but the truth is we all have an innate need to socialize, connect and find commonalities. Even the simplest, or most interesting similarity such as love of coffee, art, technology, literature, artisan baking, entrepreneurship, nature and so more can bring people together. In the past, connections were limited by location, due simply to accessibility. Women built their ‘tribes’ with those nearby them, as they did not have easy access to those beyond their geographical reach.

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Christmas in July Sale

Christmas in July!? When I first heard the phrase, it immediately piqued my interest. ‘Christmas’ to me is a cozy holiday in the midst of a cold, snow white winter where Santa and his reindeer are enthusiastically delivering heart-warming gifts to loved ones around the world. Well, when I looked it up, I was intrigued. 


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 The words “One small step for man, one giant leap for mankind” crackled through on the TV and radio and were heard worldwide. They sounded like someone was broadcasting from somewhere in the middle of nowhere, somewhere without good cell service, like in the middle of Kansas...well indeed, they were broadcasted from far indeed. These legendary words were broadcasted by Astronaut Neil Armstrong, as he climbed down the ladder and took his first steps from the moon. Not just the first steps for Neil, rather the first step that a human being ever took on the moon.

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