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ST. Patrick's Day


I would like to wish all those that celebrate it, a wonderful St. Patrick’s Day! This year I have created a special St. Patrick’s Day Collection that features various stylish luck charm pieces.

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International Women's Day

womens day sale

My Dear Friends,  

I wanted to honor women from all over the world with this very special sale. I would like to say that it should be women’s day every single day of the year. I welcome the opportunity to express my gratitude for my beautiful wife Sherly who as many of you already know is several months into pregnancy.

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Stay in the Loop with Your Hoop


It's great to add gemstones to a hoop, BUT instead of just having the gorgeous cubic-zirconia gemstones on the outside of the hoop, now, you'll get the sparkling gemstones on both the inside and the outside of the hoop!! How do you take a classic hoop and give it an upgrade? Easy - let's take the signature round hoop, and add some geometric detail to it! Choose a square, diamond or a "straight from the runway" octagon shape! 

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All Good Things Come in Threes

triple-hoop-cubic-zirconia-gemstone-earrings danny newfeld collection

Have you ever heard of the "Rule of Threes?" I'm not sure if I've ever shared with you my love of Baseball. I loved to play when I was younger, there was nothing more satisfying that the sound of the ball, striking the bat. Our coach used to motivate us with a special treat if we achieved, "the triple crown" by the end of the season. Reaching the triple crown meant leading the team in batting average, home runs and runs batted in. Although I never did get that award, it did motivate me to practice, be a great team player and hone my skills (that's three things I learned too!)

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From Trash to Treasure The Beauty of Roman Glass

From Trash to Treasure The Beauty of Roman Glass
I. Love. Roman. Glass. But do you know why? Let's travel back in history. Did you know: Over 2000 years ago, the Romans were known as expert glassblowers? Blowing vessels, jugs, pots, oil jars, perfume bottles, you name it....and they were able to create it, use it, and enjoy it. Over time, people may have moved, the glass may have broken, but they left it!! As the famous saying goes...." one person's trash....is another person's treasure!"

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