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Don't Miss The Little Things

Hello My  Friends, 

You know what they say… It’s the little things in life that have the biggest impact on us. Well I can certainly say that I  have been missing the  little things. Obviously the cold weather means I’ve literally been missing some things, cooped up all day in the house. But also, with today’s fast paced lifestyle, I find myself literally missing the simplest moments of happiness. 

I want to give you all a reminder that it’s so important to give space for these tiny moments. A glance towards someone you love. A flick of the hair behind your ear that shows off your delicate earrings. Each moment is so precious and now is the time to slow down and pay attention to detail. 

My April Monthly Special draws inspiration from nature's intricate, delicate designs. This set of sterling silver Daisy Charm Stretch Bracelet and Hoop Earrings reminds us not to miss the little things that make Danny Newfeld Jewelry Designs like no other. 

Preserve those tiny special moments always in your grasp when you wear Danny Newfeld jewelry designs. 

Yours Truly, 


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