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Stay in the Loop with Your Hoop


It's great to add gemstones to a hoop, BUT instead of just having the gorgeous cubic-zirconia gemstones on the outside of the hoop, now, you'll get the sparkling gemstones on both the inside and the outside of the hoop!! How do you take a classic hoop and give it an upgrade? Easy - let's take the signature round hoop, and add some geometric detail to it! Choose a square, diamond or a "straight from the runway" octagon shape! 

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Trending in 2020

year end sale danny newfeld collection

It is with this renewal idea in mind, that I decided to give you a great year-end opportunity!! We're having a BLOW-OUT sale of our Overstock Collection! Our inventory clearance is our way of making room on our shelves for some great new innovative and stunning treasures that will debut in Spring 2021. At savings of up to 60% off - you will LOVE finding your ultimate treasure!

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