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Please welcome to the arena: a stunning piece from our Roman Glass Collection, our Sterling Silver Roman Glass Charm Bracelet. Elegant, enchanting, bold and rare, like each one of our DN community members. As I like to say, when you wear Roman Glass, you wear a piece of history. When wearing this bracelet, its owner adds an extra layer to her-story. Composed of nature’s beautiful artwork, formed over centuries in a complex chemical process, stunning Roman Glass jewelry is almost completely unique to Israel. However, this rare material offers an even higher value to women than its glamorous nature, rooted in stories of ancient Greece and the Roman Empire.

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Flags flown at half-mast, freeways are packed with cars, the soothing strains of trumpets from the local high school marching band travel through the streets, and thousands of proud soldiers and veterans proudly decked out in their ironed uniforms, berets, pins and medals. It’s Memorial Day.


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Infinite Acts of Kindness

A random act of kindness is a seemingly small deed, but its impact? Infinite. Thoughtful acts of kindness affect the giver, the receiver and the community around them. Not just for the duration of the act, but for some time after. The intentions of these gestures spark inspiration for others to perform similar acts and be part of a world changing cycle which is infinite too.

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