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I have some exciting news to share! This year, my birthday happens to fall on the same day as Yom Ha'atzmaut (Israeli Independence Day). This is the day that commemorates Israel’s declaration of independence and is the one national holiday where the entire country goes into the party spirit. The streets in every city are filled with live entertainment, incredible fireworks and colorful food trucks including cotton candy and corn on the cob. It is a day of abundant joy that can be felt all across this beautiful country. What a way to celebrate!

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Easter Blog

saints bracelet

Easter is a time for new beginnings. I felt that this Easter, given this past year’s events, required something a little extra special that would touch on the notion of faith. Faith, for many, is a way to look forward and remain positive while facing life’s challenges. In light of this, I’ve created our new collection of Sterling Silver Saints Bracelets.

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Monthly Special Value- Beaded Floral Charm Necklace

beaded floral charm necklace

There has been a beautiful side effect of lockdown for many of you and that is that we have all begun to really appreciate those little things. The modern day guru’s refer to it as mindfulness but I have always enjoyed paying attention to the finest details in nature. I love our monthly special value this month and feel it is the perfect match for this time of year. The Sterling Silver Beaded Charm Necklace with Floral Charm and Pearl’s delicate design leans on nature for it’s inspiration. You will simply adore how detailed the flower and leaf charms are. I love to mimic the pure beauty found in nature and know just how much it is enjoyed by our customers. The pearl adds a touch of class and sophistication making this beaded charm necklace a memorable piece that can be worn on any occasion. If you are looking to add a pearl necklace to your collection then this is the perfect choice. 

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ST. Patrick's Day


I would like to wish all those that celebrate it, a wonderful St. Patrick’s Day! This year I have created a special St. Patrick’s Day Collection that features various stylish luck charm pieces.

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