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Have you ever wondered about the origins of the birthstone?
What it is about birthstones? Yes, the gemstones are gorgeous, but how are they connected to birth months and most importantly: If I’m looking for the perfect birthstone charm bracelet, Choose your birthstone charm bracelet! Buy them Now!




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Let’s start with a time machine and let’s travel back about 3000 years. The Bible records that Aaron, the first High Priest (brother of Moses) wore a ceremonial breastplate. The breastplate housed 12 stones, symbolizing the 12 months of the year, the 12 signs of the zodiac and of the 12 tribes.

While we’re traveling back in time, did you know that many ancient civilizations claim to have connected birthstones to calendars? Now you know, birthstone gemstones are well routed in history. 

And how did the birthstone chart come about? In 1912, the National Association of Jewelers adapted a birthstone list – which was such a great idea! Now jewelers had a great way to help their community of customers celebrate birth months in a unique way! Because some gemstones are found is specific places throughout the world and because the price of gemstones can vary by huge amounts, there is not a universally accepted chart. This makes hunting for your birthstone choice an enjoyable and entertaining experience plus it’s a fun and colorful way to celebrate birthdays!

Birthstone Charm Bracelets 

Looking for a fabulous celebratory birthday gift? A birthstone charm bracelet is a great suggestion! With each birthstone connected to an associated month, and special meaning attributed to each individual stone. Whether or not you believe in the mystical healing of gemstones, having a “stone of the month” is a great way to tailor your gift and it’s always fun to be able to explain exactly why you chose that specific stone. 

Sterling silver birthstone charms for charm bracelet

When choosing your birthstone jewelry, keep in mind that you’re not only limited to one gemstone. For example, choosing a birthstone charm bracelet gives you the possibility of choosing more than one stone at a time – it can represent the birth months of those you love, cherish and want to commemorate.

What about a birthstone charm bracelet for mom? Isn’t that a fabulous gift idea? Imagine honoring your mom with a birthstone charm bracelet to represent each of her beloved children. That makes for a powerful gift and a loving set that she can cherish. Imagine: every time she glances at her wrist, she sees the stunning gemstones representing her loved ones. 

Although there can’t be ONE most popular birthstone, it is possible to highlight some of the beauties. If you choose a July birthstone charm bracelet, you’re looking at a RUBY birthstone.  Its radiant red color is absolutely stunning along. Did you know, the associated traits of ruby gemstones are vitality, strength and endurance. 

If you’re a February birthday, then the February birthstone charm bracelet is the Amethyst Gemstone.Did you know that amethyst is not limited to just purple? In fact, it comes in a range of colors, commonly from around light pinkish violet to deep purple, and the amethyst is known as a gemstone that means wisdom, open mindedness and faith.

Remember how we mentioned that there is not a universally accepted birthstone chart? If you’re looking for the birthstone for October, you can choose from Tourmaline or Opals. If you’re looking for December birthstone – you’ll get three different choices! Tanzanite, zircon or Turquoise! 

For those of you with June birthdays, you’re also one of the fortunate ones who get a few different choices!! Alexandrite and pearls are common gemstones that you could add to your June birthstone charm bracelet. The great versatility of colors between pearls and alexandrite gemstones are their color changing capabilities, depending on the ambient lighting. Pearls can be found in a variety of colors from the whitest of whites, to the darkest of blacks. And alexandrite, a newly added gemstone to the collection, ranges in color from greenish to reddish hues, symbolizing the deep and complex connection that encompass a wide variety of traits include love, security and harmony. 

Because we love the idea of birthstones and we love the idea of gemstones, we would love to encourage you to fall in love with the gemstone of your choice! 

We think that a sterling silver birthstone charm bracelet is a great gift for any occasion!