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Isn’t it Charming? The history of Charm Bracelets for Women

Jewelry has stood the test of time. It’s evident from history that items, intended for personal decorations have been discovered in archaeological sites and date back for nearly 100,000 years!  Of note is charm bracelets. Although sterling silver Charm bracelets for women have evolved with the creation of new materials, new metals, styles, fabrics and fashion trends, the concept remains the same. A bracelet that has special meaning attached to it via charms, trinkets or collectibles that have valuable and sentimental meaning.

Are you ready to embrace the new tradition of giving a charm bracelet or by adding charms to an inherited charm bracelet? Here’s the best place to learn all about the charm of charm bracelets for women (and for men!)


When looking back in history, the gold charm bracelets for women probably had talismans or amulets. A talisman, thought to have magical powers to ward off the evil eye, provide protection, energy, power or even health benefits was a popular accessory.Amulets were thought to be good luck charms. Also believed to have magical powers such as success and prosperity. Archeological discoveries show these charms were made from animal bones, stone, wood, or even seashells! It’s quite simple to imagine how custom charm bracelets for women may have looked!


Queen Victoria was an avid fan of jewelry and quite a prolific collector of charm bracelets for women. Her collection began a trend among the upper class, but slowly trickled down to the middle classes. During World War 1 and World War 2, there was a trend for soldiers to send back collectible trinkets back to their loved ones as mementos to be added to their collection and creating charm bracelets for women. Elizabeth Taylor, known for fashion sense, was know to sport custom charm bracelets for women in the 1950’s. Once a beauty like that wore a charm bracelet, you know it started a trend and its popularity continues today!


What type of CHARMS are available on Charm bracelets for women?

Traditional, spiritual symbols have maintained their popularity. Traditional Christian symbols such as the cross, angels and doves are the most sought after. Middle Eastern religions have added the “evil eye” to their assortment of faith-based charms. What a great way to mark a religious occasion? Think of personalized charm bracelets for moms after baptisms. The sheer variety and availability of charms is one of the best features of charm bracelets for women! Lucky Charms? Think of horseshoes and four-leaf clovers!



Zodiac charms or birthstones are fabulous charms to add to silver charm bracelets for women to mark birthdays, new babies and anniversaries.

Some other Charms worthy of mentioning:

  • Infinity Charm -Resembling a figure eight, the infinity symbol is a heartfelt way to express limitless love  
  • Hamsa Charm - The Hamsa hand originated in the Middle East and it is a protective amulet. It is worn to bring the wearer health, luck, good fortune and happiness. 
  • Star Charm - The star charm represents heavenly bodies, purity and love that transcends time and space
  • Heart Charm - the most popular charm, the Heart charm is all about love. 


Care and cleaning of Charm Bracelets for Women

Sterling silver charm bracelets for women are good investment for their ability to be personalized in a way that ensures that they will become an heirloom piece of jewelry. Sterling silver is a durable metal, but unlike gold, needs a bit more maintenance. Over time sterling silver can tarnish and darken, but a quick buff with a soft silver polish and polishing cloth will quickly bring back its luster. Exposure to perfumes, creams and moisture can accelerate the tarnishing process, so if you have charms that are intricate, small and detailed it may be better to remove the bracelet before retiring for the evening. 


Charm Bracelets for Women

Charm bracelets for women can be viewed as essential additions to your wardrobe repertoire! Whimsical or sentimental, sophisticated or simple, charm bracelets for women can easily be layered with other key pieces to liven up your wardrobe. Personalized charm bracelets for moms are available with a variety of charms to fit your personal style. Functional, fabulous and glamorous, with options such as colored birthstones, charms, or different finishes, you will fall in love with our collection of charm bracelets for women.