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What is a Fidget Spinner ring?

A spinner ring is a combination of rings cleverly designed in a way that outer ring (or outer rings) spin on the inner base ring. Fidget spinner rings are inherently beautiful. They’re also referred to as prayer rings or worry rings. Whatever you choose to call them, you can’t resist playing with these fun rings!

Whatever you choose to call them, you can’t resist playing with these fun rings! They’re cleverly designed and with mixed metals, textures, colors and styles your options are limitless.  One amazing asset to the spinner ring is its hidden added value. It’s a tool that you take with you that may help calm anxiety, calm your worries or even help you focus!!

Spinner rings for Anxiety 

In addition to the fidget spinner ring’s inherent beauty is a culture and history behind the development of “spinner rings.”  The spinner ring is one of my passionate designs. Also called a meditation ring, or a Karma ring or even a Zen ring, most likely conceived in Tibet, fidget spinner rings were traditionally worn to help soothe the wearers’ worries. But I believe that the fidget Spinner Ring has some additional uses too.  For those who find fidgeting helps their concentration, spinning the outer core is an effective fidget method.  I have discovered that spinning the outer rings serves as a positive distraction, and the repetitive motion is calming. I even read a study that suggests that a spinner ring can help reduce anxiety! Tibetan beliefs suggest that spinning the ring increases good karma while ridding the wearer of negative energy. Adding these facets to our ring, you will find that the fidget Spinner rings are not only stunning but spinning the ring can be habit forming too! 


How to use a Fidget Spinner ring

Feeling anxious? Find yourself biting your nails, fiddling with your keys or picking at your clothing? Our spinner rings for anxiety are meant to be fiddled with! Take a deep breath, and spin the center ring (or rings), slow down your breathing and try to achieve a calmer more relaxed state. The repetitive motion of the spinning may help reduce distractions and negativity. 


Fidget Spinner Wedding Ring

For me, a spinner ring is always about the “circle of life. We love when we hear about our community of customers using their fidget spinner rings as bands for the wedding! It makes so much sense. Just as our life evolves, changes and is ongoing, so too the spinners that rotate. Had a tough day today? You can wake up tomorrow and start fresh. Use this ring to help you get a great start! 


Making sure your Fidget Spinner Ring is the right size

Once you’ve narrowed down your choice to the spinner ring of your choice, it's time to figure out your ring size. Let's begin with something important to consider. Some fidget rings for women are made with a very wide band, others are made from thinner bands. When choosing a ring with a wider band, pay attention to the sizing. You may want to go up about a half size to ensure comfort when your finger is bent. For fidget spinner rings that have thinner bands, you can stay true to size. Did you know: The average ring size begins from about size 5 and most people typically have at least 5 different ring sizes? Left and right hands may not measure the same, so begin by thinking about which finger you would ideally wear your new sterling fidget spinner ring. Here's what you'll need to measure your finger to get the best fit:

1. Pen

2. String or thin piece of paper / yarn 

3. Ruler


Here’s what you need to do:

  1. Wrap the string around the base of the finger that you are measuring
  2. Mark the point where the end meets
  3. Measure the distance of the 2 points with a ruler
  4. Take that number and pick the closes measurement on our ring size chart to find your ring size. 



What makes sterling silver a fabulous metal for fidget spinner rings? The fact that sterling silver is a skin-friendly metal! The Danny Newfeld collection of 925 Sterling silver fidget rings for anxiety is nickel and lead free. Perfect for anyone with nickel or lead sensitivities or allergies. 


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