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Now it’s time for YOU to discover why friendship charm bracelets will be the newest addition to your jewelry box! Whether you’re new to charm bracelet collection, or already an experienced charm collector, its time learn about the history of friendship charm bracelets and discover their appeal! The great part about BFF charm bracelets is that there’s no age limit for their fascination! Long time best friends, or new best friends, it’s the way to celebrate a relationship that is unlike any other! Shop now and discover the best way to celebrate a friendship!

Charm Bracelets, a short history lesson. 

There is evidence to show that the history of charm bracelets is a long and interesting one! In the Middle east, charm bracelets were worn with amulets and talismans thought to ward of the evil eye (or evil spirits) for bad luck. While they may have not used the term “good luck charm” back in the middle ages, these charms were associated with symbols of faith and luck. Some bracelets told stories about places that were visited, with items that were collected, then passed down to generations as a way of storytelling or story recalling. In more modern times, Soldiers from both world wars were known to pick up trinkets as souvenirs of their location and experienced to their loved ones. 

Attaching them to bracelets made these trinkets a sentimental reminder of experiences – just another way to weave an incredible story. 


Friend Charm Bracelets Charms abound! From hobbies to sports, from life events to holidays. It all depends upon what type of story you want to tell! Are you the type that likes to display your faith? There’s a charm for that! We have a variety of CROSS charms and STAR of DAVID charms that are the perfect accents for best friend charm bracelets. How about adding a birthstone? When it’s a new baby born, a birthstone charm is the perfect way to build a reminder of the amazing experience. You can make sure best friend charm bracelets reflect your deep friendship by adding a bold and colorful birthstone! What about letters? You can either have a custom engraved letter added to a charm, or even choose a charm in the shape of a letter! Choose personalized bff charm bracelets and wear the beauty of your best friend’s initial (or initials) on your charm bracelet as a reminder of your pledge of eternal friendship. 


Measuring your Wrists

What better introduction to your story than to make sure that your choice of BFF charm bracelets is the correct size! Because bracelets come in different sizes and styles, getting the correct size will ensure a comfortable fit! Don’t risk buy a best friend charm bracelet that is too large or too small! It’s simple to determine your size! Get out some flexible tape and measure around your wrist bone. Do you want it to fit snug or looser? While that is a very personal decision, think about the bracelet you’re about to purchase. If you are buying something with a super thin link, you may want it to be quite snug. So, if you want a snug fit, add about a ½ inch to that measurement to make sure that a bangle (that doesn’t have any latches) will be able to fit around your hand! If you’re more partial to a comfort fit, or you want those matching best friend charm bracelets to make a pleasant clinking sound, add about ¾” to 1” to your measurement. 


If you really want a loose fit, add about 1 – ¼” to your measurement. You may love the feeling of movement and airiness you’ll get! 


Reasons for buying BFF Charm Bracelets 

YOUR BEST FRIEND! Let me tell you a bit about my best friend! The more we were together, the stronger our bond became. We’ve gone through so many events together, and our bonds get stronger ever year. Marking our friendship by wearing our matching best friend charm bracelet sterling silver is our personal way to express our love, gratitude and sincere appreciation for each other. 


14K Yellow Gold Best Friend Charms 

Love the look of mixed metals? We do too! Add 14K yellow gold plating or 14K rose gold plating over the charms and create a best friend charm bracelet with the mixed metal look and the beauty of charms! 


Best Friend Charm Bracelets for Adults 

Don't let the kids have all the fun! Buy one for yourself too! Did you know: Our best friend charm bracelets are eligible for free shipping? Order our personalized best friend charm bracelets as a gift for yourself and your BFF! You will love the ability to “hold your BFF close to your heart” when you wear your matching best friend charm bracelets! When a divinely wrapped package arrives at your doorstep, you will know that is has been made with impeccable love and care by Danny Newfeld and his team of designers and jewelers. The Danny Newfeld collection of sterling silver charm bracelets are hypoallergenic, nickel and lead free. Perfect for anyone with nickel or lead sensitivities or allergies. Shop now for best friend charm bracelets in sterling Silver! It’s time that you and your best friends bathe in luxury! Charm bracelets are perfect gift ideas – especially if you’re looking for an eternal way to commemorate your unforgettable memories.