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To Our Dearest Mom,

We’re so sorry mom that we can’t be together for Mother’s Day this year! But we are eternally grateful to you for being the most wonderful mother in this world and even though we cannot see each other in person, we wanted to make sure that you not only received our present, but  I decided to write you a letter and to mail you your gift. I am sending you this Mothers day necklace personalized with your name on one side, and your three loving children’s names on each side of this personalized mothers day necklace.  


Mom, Mother Teresa is quoted as saying, "It is not how much you do, but how much love you put into the doing that matters" and it couldn’t be more accurate.  I wanted to write a letter to thank you for the things you do for our family. Let’s start with the list of things you do as my mother, and then you’ll understand why a mothers day necklace personalized just for you is the ideal gift.

Mom, you are the heart of our home. You center us, guide us, love us teach us, mentor us. When you wear your mothers day necklace, I want you to remember the multiple roles that you play.

Mom, you are the master organizer!! You reminded us when to brush our teeth and made sure our clothes were always clean. Somehow you always made sure that our lunch boxes were well stocked, and our skin was protected from sun burn. And, while we’re about being organized, how did you manage carpools? Whether it was gymnastics for me, ballet for my sister or hockey for Brian, how did you manage all that time in the car to make sure you never forgot anyone!! Let’s continue the subject of organization and move on to calendars. How on earth did you manage our social calendars and yours too?

Mom, while you may be slight in stature, you certainly have HUGE shoulders. You are my number one support system. You always had an open ear, to listen with. You were my cheerleader when I needed it most, or my confidence builder when I needed to make my own decisions.

Although WE are actually sending you this mother’s day engraved necklace, the truth is that YOU are our greatest gift. We are so lucky to have in you my life. What we have achieved today is because of your support, your guidance, your ability to motivate us, and your everlasting energy source.

You have an incredible (but invisible) task list that somehow you conquered. Every weekend was a family feast and we love your cooking. Will you ever give up the secret to your sugar cookie recipe?

This Mothers day necklace personalized with all our names signifies the culmination of love and affection that we have for you. We are forever in awe of your inner and outer beauty, your everlasting generosity of soul and of mind, Your super human ability to multitask and even your well deserved scolding when necessary.

Now that we are all fortunate enough to have families of our own, we realize that you have taught us how to be better parents. You showed us unlimited patience and it always amazed us that you rarely raised your voice.

We always used to coax you to buy us presents. But now that we are adulting, we have come to realize that YOU are the greatest give we could have ever desired. How can we give back to you any gift? Nothing compares to the time, effort and energy you have spent raising us!! So, when it came time to looked for the ultimate gift that represented you, we wanted to make sure that it acknowledged the respect we three have of you. The mothers day necklace personalized with our family’s names is our way of saying “We love you” and you are the best mom in the world.

Thank you for caring….thank you for being patient…thank you for being our role model….thank you for inspiring us! From you, we have learned to value and appreciate who we are where we come from and where we will go.

We sincerely hope you love your custom mothers day necklace. We hope that you wear it in the best of health knowing that you’ll always be keeping your 3 kids close to your heart.

Next year, let’s plan on celebrating you in person!!

We love you! Thank you for being the best mom in the world!
Brittany, Brian,  and Bradey.