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A mother’s necklace with children’s names is a wonderfully unique gift for Christsmas, in fact it’s just an amazing gift to celebrate mom! Looking for a mother’s day gift? Check….looking for a birthday gift? That works too! Looking for an anniversary gift? I think that every mom can be celebrated and applauded with a gift of a Mother’s Necklace with Children’s Names. 

Before we talk about some of the options that are available to celebrate the mom in your life, let’s talk about personalization techniques. When you want to purchase a mother’s day necklace with children’s names, you have so many options, it’s great to do your initial homework to suit what’s best for your budget, what fits the style you’re looking to achieve, and the process behind creating a piece of jewelry that is unique, special and sentimental. 


Personalized or Customized Jewelry Personalized Jewelry is divided into a few categories

  • Personalized Rings
  • Personalized Necklaces
  •  Personalized Bracelets
  • Personalized Bangles
  • Personalized Cufflinks
  • Personalized Tie-clips
  •  Personalized Earrings 

The process of personalizing jewelry is also multi-faceted

  •  Engraving
  •  Custom Messaging
  •  Embossing
  •  Stamping 


And finally, personalized jewelry is not limited just to having a name presented, rather personalized jewelry can also include charms, as well as birthstones.



Engraving may not always be a simple or quick process, as engraving may include the cutting of intricate patterns, letters or even designs directly onto the jewelry. Engraving is permanent and can be precise and detailed. Once an item is engraved, you can usually feel it. Engraving can be done by hand (a very steady hand) and it can also be done by computer. The words, letters, pictures, designs can be entered into a computer to create custom work that is precise. Creating a mom necklace with children’s names is a perfect job for a laser engraver. But how do laser engravers work? 


Laser engraving can etch very deep or shallow grooves into jewelry, which can create patterns never accomplished by handwork. Creating personalized jewelry using a laser engraver is an accurate and quick method for jewelry designers to create precious and personalized treasures. Engraving adds value and sentimentality to mothers necklace with children’s names. 


Custom Messages 

If you think engraving is stunning, then you’ll definitely love the personalized options in a mom necklace with children’s names that’s more than just an inscription, it’s a three-dimensional name, often using script letters, that spells out the names. Perfect as a child name necklace for mother, these name mothers necklace with children’s names gold are available in a variety of finishes, for every budget. Often made using 3-dimensional printing technology, it creates a unique present that will never be regifted! 



Although not as popular as engraving or custom messaging, embossing is a beautiful technique for personalizing jewelry. A design or text is formed in the metal and (unlike engraving) is not cut out, rather it’s raised higher. It means that a second metal is fused to the first to create a raised look that is eye-catching! 


Metal Stamping 

Unlike engraving, which etches the pattern, shape or letters, metal stamping is the process of pounding (or hammering) letters, numbers or simple shapes into jewelry. The process of stamping is quite simple, all you need is a mallet and a set of letters! Line up your message and begin hammering one letter at a time! You will recognize stamping as a hallmark way of identifying items that are certified sterling silver. But when it comes to creating mm necklaces with children’s names, there’s something endearing and sweet about the way the metal stamped letters write out names and dates. 


Mothers necklace with children's names and birthstones 

Another method of personalizing jewelry is to add birthstones. How did the birthstones become a recognized way to celebrate birth months? In 1912, the National Association of Jewelers adapted a birthstone list – which was such a great idea! Now jewelers had a great way to help their community of customers celebrate birth months in a unique way! Because some gemstones are found is specific places throughout the world and because the price of gemstones can vary by huge amounts, there is not a universally accepted chart. This makes hunting for your birthstone choice an enjoyable and entertaining experience plus it’s a fun and colorful way to celebrate birthdays! 


Because we love the idea of birthstones and we love the idea of gemstones, we would love to encourage you to fall in love with the gemstone of your choice! 


Personalized jewelry – especially mothers necklace with children’ is an an outstanding way to make her spirits fly!