Necklace Length Style Guide

Necklace Length Style Guide

How to measure & Choose the Right Length for your Necklace

Thinking of purchasing a sterling silver heart necklace? Don’t agonize over the right length! We know it can be tricky to figure out! it We’ve designed the definitive guide for you to select the right necklace length. In this guide, we will talk about choosing the right necklace to showcase your neckline, and wardrobe! It’s time to make a statement, and we’ll show you how!


First. Let’s talk about the standard options. It’s easy to divide them into six based on the picture above…


LengthStylePositionLooks fabulous worn with:
13-15”CollarTightly around the neckClothing off the shoulder, boat necklines and crew necklines
15-17”ChokerSits at the base of the neckLooks great with nearly everything!
17-19”PrincessJust below the collar bone. (the most common length for our sterling silver heart necklace)Looks great with nearly everything!
20-24”MatineeBetween the collar bone and the upper chestLooks great with nearly everything, but looks fabulous with collared shirts and higher necklines
28-37”OperaBetween the upper chest to the waistLooks fabulous with high necklines – especially turtlenecks. Also looks great stacked with a “rope” length chain
37”RopeAnywhere from the waist, down. Also called lariat.Looks great doubled up, looks great with evening wear.


So, when choosing your sterling silver heart pendant necklace….how are you going to decide on which size you want?

Let’s start with what you’re wearing! The long rope necklace is probably best worn with elegant evening wear, and typically is not a sterling silver heart pendant necklace. It’s often a chunky chain with great details.


Sterling Silver heart Locket Necklace

The most common length necklace for pendants is the Princess length. If you’re unsure, we do recommend choosing the 17-19” length necklace. This great necklace is versatile and can complement every wardrobe choice. Sitting just below the collar bone, it’s a perfect option for any shirt type! Open at the neck, button down or round neck, choosing an 18” sterling silver heart necklace will be a perfect option.

If you have a longer or wider body type, it’s easy to add a 2” extender to ensure that the necklace sits exactly where you want it to.


Sterling Silver Engraved Heart Necklace

Another great strategy is considering your wardrobe, before considering your jewelry. If your wardrobe consists of high neckline sweaters or turtlenecks, then chokers and collar necklaces will not be high on your priority list of purchases. If you’re a fan of button up collar shirts, then you’ll love shopping for sterling silver engraved heart necklaces that are 20” or shorter. If you choose a longer chain, then you’ll find that they’ll be sitting above your shirt Or, if you want to wear it underneath you’re collared shirt, then you’ll open up the buttons to reveal your treasure. What wardrobe style looks best with any length? Strapless of course!


How to measure for a necklace or chain or pendant?

If you have a necklace, and you love its length, a tape measure is the best place to start. If you don’t have a favorite necklace, but want to begin the hunt for a necklace to compliment your wardrobe choice, then use a string, or ribbon, or even seamstress tape. Use your measuring tool to hang it around your neck to give you an idea of how different lengths will look until you find the idea length.


Choosing a necklace based on your face shape

Some people find that they choose necklaces based on the shape of their face! Just like clothing, you may opt to choose your sterling silver heart pendant necklace for this reason!

  • Round/Oval – Conscious about your round face? Want to give it a more elongated look? Opt for necklaces that lengthen the face such as those that are between 20”-24”. This will help frame the face effortlessly, creating a v-shape that brings the eye down, and gives the illusion of a longer face.
  • Square/ Oblong – Feel that your face is angular and square? Choose a choker or shorter necklace. Then the roundness of s shorter piece will accentuate the length of your neck and reduce the shaper angles of your face.
  • Heart-Shaped – If you feel that your chin is pointy, leading to a heart-shaped facial form, then shorter necklaces (collar and princess necklaces) may help soften your face’s angles.

Shopping for Sterling Silver Heart Necklaces

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