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Shopping for holiday gifts for my mom is both a rewarding and frustrating experience! On the one hand, my mom deserves the best. On the other hand, not only does she not need anything new, I know that if I don’t put the right amount of effort, energy and thoughtfulness into the purchase, it will either just sit in a drawer or get donated. When it came time to get a gift this holiday season, I thought that purchasing a personalized birthstone necklace for mom would be something she would keep and treasure. Jewelry is one of the most perfect gifts! There are many features of necklaces that make them the ultimate gift. One aspect of necklace is that they are always in style, and that they will always stay in style. Another important feature of necklaces is that they are always the right size! Versatile and modular, necklaces will always fit. Finally, and maybe this is the most important feature of a personalize birthstone necklace for mom, you know that she’ll keep it forever!

Birthstone Bar Necklace for Mom 

How can purchasing something as simple as a personalized mother necklace with birthstones turn a normal gift into something spectacular? Here’s my thought. To begin with, adding any custom extras to jewelry such as engraving or even birthstones show that it took an extra effort to find the gift. Because hand engraving takes an extra day, when you mom opens her engraved mother’s necklace, she will immediately know that you didn’t pick it off the shelf last minute. She’ll know that you did your homework. Personalized birthstone necklace for mom makes HER feel special. She’ll wear her birthstone bar necklace, or her engraved mother’s necklace with pride always knowing that it was given to her out of love and admiration. The gift of personalization is the ability to commemorate special occasions and lifetime milestones. What a unique way to express sentiment and make every event successful! 


Engraved Mother’s Necklace 

Giving a gift, especially an engraved mother’s necklace gift, is an easy way to express your love, appreciated and respect. What better way than to “raise the bar” and express your love and sentiment with an engraved mom birthstone necklace, or a personalized birthstone necklace for mom. 


Why do we choose Personalized Jewelry? That’s the easiest question! It’s a way to create a one-of-a-kind gift of course! Instead of wearing what all your friends and neighbors wear, personalized jewelry creates an appealing, unique and individual look. What a better way than to show you mom how much you care with an engraved mother’s necklace or a personalize necklace with birthstones! 


What type of Jewelry can be Personalized? 

The most popular gifts are necklaces and pendants, customized with engraving and / or birthstones. Here’s our top five list of the most recommended jewelry gifts to personalize! 


  1. Mother’s Day birthstone Necklace. With the creation of birthstones comes the creation of personalized gifts to highlight birth months. Add bezel-set birthstones to create a colorful and timeless treasure 
  2. Mother’s Day Necklace with Children’s Names. You love your kids, your grandkids, your nieces and nephews! Why not wear a necklace to honor, remember and commemorate them all! 
  3. Engraved Mother’s Necklace. Whether you choose to engrave your name, or the name of one you love, necklaces with personalization and engraving will show the world your individuality 
  4. Mother’s Day Necklace with birthstone charms. Love charms? Then add those stunning hues of birthstones to create a charming necklace that you can always add to as your families grows 
  5. Birthstone Bar Necklace for Mom. Love the geometric look of the bar? Wear it vertical or wear it horizontal, a birthstone bar necklace is a decorative and dignified! 

Sterling Silver 

What’s great about sterling silver Mother’s Day Birthstone Necklaces and Personalized Birthstone Necklace for mom? When you chose from our sterling silver collection, your choosing a skin-friendly metal! The Danny Newfeld Collection of 925 Sterlg silver jewelry is nickel and lead free. Perfect for anyone with nickel or lead sensitivities or allergies. 


Free Shipping 

Did you know our entire selection of 925 Sterling birthstone bar necklaces for mom are eligible for free international shipping? Choose your shipping options at checkout! Shop now for a variety of shapes, sizes and textures in our collection of 925 Sterling Silver Birthstone Bar Necklace for Mom.  


Whether you’re shopping for yourself, or shopping for that someone special, a gift of a personalized birthstone necklace for mom will be sure to add a smile. Without a doubt, personalized gifts are fabulous ways to transform the ordinary, into extraordinary.