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A great way to make the mom in your life feel valued and special is a personalized birthstone necklace for mom. Whether she’s a mom by birth, or a mom by choice, this is a perfect romantic and sentimental present. Another option is an engraved mother’s necklace. It’s a gesture of love and affection and will certainly be more impactful and meaningful to the receiver. 


Personalized Mother Necklace with Birthstones 

That special mom in your life deserves something special. By opting to purchase a personalized mother necklace with birthstones, you’ve added the extra value of combining a gift with a way to represent what it means to be a mother. Do you know about the birthstone chart? In 1912, the National Association of Jewelers adapted a birthstone list – which was such a great idea! Now jewelers had a great way to help their community of customers celebrate birth months in a unique way! Because some gemstones are found is specific places throughout the world and because the price of gemstones can vary by huge amounts, there is not a universally accepted chart. This makes hunting for your birthstone choice an enjoyable and entertaining experience plus it’s a fun and colorful way to celebrate birthdays! A custom birthstone necklace for mom is a fabulous and stunning way to celebrate any occasion. 


Engraved Mother’s Necklace 

Why are engraved necklaces so meaningful? Customized jewelry is important because it shows the little extra step and thoughtfulness that went into choosing the gift. By definition: engraved Mother’s Necklaces are one-of-kind. Created solely for the individual that you have in mind, you can really choose custom jewelry to reflect the personality of the recipient. An engraved necklace keeps memories lasting forever. Expressions of love and affection will be associated with this kind of gift forever. But don’t feel that only moms deserve the love and attention of an engraved necklace. Siblings, cousins and of course your bestie would totally appreciate a personalized gift. 


Birthstone Bar Necklace for Mom 

When choosing a pendant necklace, the options are nearly limitless! Pendants come in all sizes from small and dainty, to large and chunky. Of course, you’re not limited to shapes either. Think round, oval, long or textured. Bar necklaces have also made a comeback because of their sleek and small profile, they’re a perfect wardrobe accessory that easily goes from daytime the night scene. It’s a great understated look and looks fabulous layered along longer and shorter necklaces. If you’re looking for a more personalized accessory for the mom in your life, a birthstone bar necklace for mom may be exactly what you’re looking for!! 


Personalized necklace for mom with children's names

You love your mom so let’s make choosing a personalized birthstone necklace for mom can be an enjoyable task because you have so many options available! You can choose metal type, direction of the pendant and birthstones! 


First, decide on whether you want sterling silver or 14K gold, your choice may be based on color preferences or even budget. Both silver and gold have intrinsic beauty. Silver requires a little more maintenance as sterling silver does darken over time. 


You next decision is direction, and this becomes truly a personal preference. A bar pendant can be a horizontal bar that is attached at either side to the chain. Another option for bar necklaces could be a vertical bar that hangs naturally from a sterling silver or gold chain. What’s great about a personalized birthstone bar necklace for mom is that the flat surface can become your canvas. Engraved with letters, adorned with hearts you can transform a blank canvas into an heirloom. 


Personalized Necklace for Mom with Children's Names

What about engraving? What a great way to extend the love and show your pride by getting a personalized necklace for Mom with Children's Names? Choose one charm, or many it's easy to tell your story when you wear your children's names close to your heart. 


Personalized Necklace for New Mom

New to Motherhood, or know a mom who is new to motherhood? Mother by choice, mother by default, mother by blood, there's a beautiful way to express your everlasting love. 


Personalized Necklace for Mom with Birthstones

Your final decision is birthstones. Most months have one gemstone that is prominent. Other months feature 2 or even three different gemstone options, now you have a choice. Whether your choice is based on beauty or budget all the gemstone options are fabulous additions to your showcase your personalized birthstone necklace for mom. 


Whether you wear it on its own, or choose another necklace for a layered look, you will find that a birthstone bar necklace will be your most versatile necklace to dress up any occasion. So, raise the bar with a personalized birthstone necklace for mom, it will become her most valued possession!