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How to choose Sterling Silver Dangle Earrings Based on the Shape of your face! 

When choosing earrings, does the shape of your face matter?

Did you know: there are six main face shapes: oval, square, round heart, diamond and pear? When you think about an accessory that will liven up your look, think about Sterling Silver Dangle Earrings from the Danny Newfeld Collection.  Artistically curved, they create a flattering look for women with all face shapes, skin tones and hair styles. 

Sterling Silver Dangle Earrings

The best way to classify your beautiful face’s shape is by looking in the mirror. Look at your forehead, your chin and your hairline. Is your jaw more square in shape or narrow? Is your forehead broader than your chin or about the same size? 

When choosing earrings, based on the shape of your face, think about the length of the earring, the shape of the earrings and where the silver dangle earrings hang. It’s great to visually balance a fabulous pair of long dangle earrings with the elegant contours of your face. 

Technically, everyone can wear any type of silver dangle earrings, any length and any size. But sometimes people are very particular and conscientious about their facial shape and prefer wearing an earring that enhances and beautifies the natural shape and balance of your face.  For example, some people feel that silver dangle earrings may look better than silver dangle hoop earrings if they have a long, angular face. 


I find that studs work with every shape of face. Gemstone studs, birthstone studs and even small round studs are wardrobe staples that should never be overlooked. A traditional silver dangle hoop earring looks fabulous on a face that is squarer. Especially when the silver dangle hoop earring aligns perfectly with the jaw. Super long silver dangle earrings bring volume and weight to the bottom of your face and look fabulous when they’re a bit longer than your chin line. When the whole weight is at the bottom of a sterling silver dangle earring, it is a great balance.


Don’t be afraid to add weight, volume and shine to your silver dangle earrings. You’ll be happy you did! 


Silver Dangle Hoop Earrings

Sterling Silver Dangle earrings cast a sophisticated and classic profile. Available with lever backs or Shepherds’ Hooks, our Sterling Silver Dangle Hoop Earrings are light on your lobes. Did you know: we have a variety of charms available! You will fall in everlasting love with your heart, infinity, chamsa or star charms. Available in Sterling Silver, 14K Yellow Gold over Sterling Silver or 14K Rose Gold over Sterling Silver, our Sterling Silver Heart Dangle Earrings are showcased in a variety of finishes! 

Sterling Silver Dangle Earrings with Charms. What doe the charms represent?

We have designed our sterling silver dangle earrings with a variety of charms. Our choice of charms is deliberate and each charm has a specific meaning attached to it. 

  • Infinity Charm -Resembling a figure eight, the infinity symbol is a heartfelt way to express limitless love  
  • Hamsa Charm - The Hamsa hand originated in the Middle East and it is a protective amulet. It is worn to bring the wearer health, luck, good fortune and happiness. 
  • Star Charm - The star charm represents heavenly bodies, purity and love that transcends time and space
  • Heart Charm - the most popular charm, the Heart charm is all about love. 

Earrings, Your Wardrobe Essential

If you feel that your facial profile helps drive your decision when choosing sterling silver dangle earrings, then look no further than the silver earrings in our collection! Perfectly balanced, exquisitely designed, and hand-crafted it will be easy to find the perfect sterling silver dangle earrings to transform your everyday! 



Did you know that the Danny Newfeld collection of 925 Sterling Dangle Earrings is nickel and lead free? For anyone with nickel or lead sensitivities or allergies, our entire sterling silver collection is perfect! 


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