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Sister Charm Bracelets
Growing up with a sister can be amazing. I have two sisters and the three of us are best friends (or the best of enemies, depending upon the day!) We are only about 3 years apart, and we are close (well, most of the time!) As the oldest of 3 girls I know that my sisters are built-in partners in crime! I keep hearing that another layer of the fun of being raised with girls is the sharing of shampoo, hairbrushes and cosmetics….But how I would still love to share clothes and  shoes too! When we were younger, my mother was often able to purchase many things in “threes” so we were often dressed similarly, and because we were so close in age, we often were able to share clothes. This was fine when we were younger, but now as I’m nearly 6” feet tall sharing typically can’t exist! But we did figure out something that we can all co-ordinate with – our jewelry! We treasure our sister charm bracelets. They are the significant and sentimental and I don’t think a day goes by when at least one of is wearing her soul sister charm bracelet

Big sister, little sister charm bracelets

Separated by distance but unseparated by love, our sister charm bracelets represent our connection that is not limited by geography. Each of us chose to wear the sister charm bracelet with a matching heart.  We feel that is the magic that is soul sister charm bracelets and the special connection that is sisterhood. 


Sister charm bracelets are the perfect accessory and conversation starter. For those who don’t know that I’m one of three girls, I get so excited to explain that this is from a set of matching charm bracelets for sisters. That often launches the discussion about our age differences, and of course the inevitable question about whether we get along as siblings. It is often with disbelief when I tell my friends that my sisters are my absolute best friends and will be forever. 


Soul Sister Charm Bracelets

My sisters know me better than anyone else. It took a while to understand that having sisters was a blessing, but as I’ve gotten older, I’ve come to appreciate he strong bond that exists between us, and we’ve developed a huge armory of unforgettable memories. We have a variety of interests among us, I love to draw, my baby sister loves riding horses and my middle sister is a huge sports fan. But even though we diverge in our talents, we have found the our sister charm bracelets and perfect way to keep us grounds and connected.


Matching Charm Bracelets for Sisters

Bracelets with charms are versatile and adaptable and you can always add additional charms – whether on a whim, or deliberately chose based on your hobbies and interests. We feel that by wearing our matching charm bracelets for sisters, we’re showing the world our eternal bond! 


We love each other, we laugh together and it’s hard to stay angry with each other. We act goofy, weird and have been known to embarrass each other in the most extreme ways! I’m sure that my little sisters will be happy to share that they’ve been responsible for keeping me from doing many regrettable things. On the flip side, as the eldest, I’m sure I’ve also prevented my sibs from getting into hot water – especially from our parents! 


Now that we’re older, we don’t always spend as much time together was, we really want to. Our families have grown, we are geographically farther away from each other than ever before and we just get caught up sometimes in the day to day minutiae. But not for one minute do I every forget to cherish the bond of sisterhood. Watching my sisters grow up, I was able to enjoy their milestones and it’s certainly bittersweet to know that while we’ve grown up, sometimes we just want to be kids again and have a never-ending pillow fight!


Matching Charm Bracelets for Sisters

When all is said and done, I wouldn’t be complete without my amazing sisters. While I didn’t get to choose my sisters, there is no one else that I feel unwavering, unconditional love toward. We can depending upon each other, no matter what is going on in our lives, we have a secret language that no one else will ever be able to translate, we have a direct line to each other for late night talks, and we will always be each others personal fashion assistants. Wearing our sister charm bracelets make us remember the joy and the blessings!!