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When looking for a unique gift for friends and family or searching for the perfect piece of jewelry to treat yourself, be sure to take a peek at the Sterling Silver Charm Bracelet from the Danny Newfeld collection. Known for its high-quality craftsmanship and retro and modern creative designs. The unique and elegant Sterling Silver Charm Bracelet will surely turn heads. Choose from a variety of flawless charms to transform the silver charm bracelet into the perfect personalized gift.

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Vintage Sterling Silver Charm Bracelet

Adding personalized charms to your silver charm bracelet effortlessly mix to create a mesmerizing blend that is perfect for you! A delicate mixture of vintage and modern, you will be able to create a unique and enthralling look that is all you! Our vintage silver charm bracelet has been crafted by our skilled and talented design team. With a contemporary look but a vintage feel, you will love the timeless beauty. With options such as a sterling silver bangle charm bracelet, or a silver charm bracelet with a lobster closure, you will easily find the perfect fit. Sterling silver is a durable metal, it will last for years, and will even look better with age. Some of our silver charm bracelets even have the vintage – yet timeless – appearance.


Looking to spice up your outfit? The elegant sterling silver charm bracelet is sure to add luster and charm!  Our sterling silver charm bracelet is an essential addition to your wardrobe repertoire as it offers the perfect balance of everyday and elegant style. As well, our silver charm bracelet with charms can be layered with other key pieces from our collection, so liven up your look by combining silver and yellow-gold plated pieces to add sophistication to your style.

Neither too heavy nor too subtle, the sterling silver charm bracelet is a flawless everyday essential and comfortable treasure to add to your collection.  Our process of creating and hand-finishing each piece ensures the long-lasting and durable finishes on our silver charm bracelet. Each bracelet in our collection is versatile and will surely become a true essential in your wardrobe. You will be “charmed” by the outpouring of compliments from friends, coworkers and family.


Silver Charm Bracelet with Charms

Express your love and affection today with our stunning sterling silver charm bracelet from the Danny Newfeld collection. Guaranteed to melt the hearts of your loved ones. A silver charm bracelet creates a relationship. You have the option to choose your birthstone (or choose a birthstone of someone close to your heart!) You can choose birthstones, or you can choose to have your bracelet engraved or you even have the option to choose meaningful or individual letters, the silver charm bracelet can become your way to tell your story. Your unique personality will shine through! 


Bold and beautiful, the silver charm bracelet represents the Danny Newfeld Collection’s unwavering dedication of designing stunning and fashionable pieces. The silver charm bracelet with charms is a timeless piece which will add a bold yet classic element to your look. Perfectly suited for all ages. Can you envision a multi-generational look? It is the perfect gift for granddaughters, mothers, and daughter!

The sterling silver charm bracelet is very simple to care for and clean. To clean, simply take a soft cloth to wipe any dirt or dust after every use. If a deeper clean is needed, place the bracelet in warm soapy water and then clean and dry off with a dry and gentle cloth. Use gentle hand soap, not anti- bacterial, as harsh chemicals can damage the surface of the bracelet. In order to care for and protect the rose-gold charm bracelet, when using perfume and or creams, be sure to apply before wearing the piece of jewelry, as the chemicals can fade the color and shine of the bracelet. In order to prevent scratches, store the bracelet in your eco-friendly soft cloth pouch.


Sterling Silver charm Bracelet

The Silver charm bracelet is eligible for free shipping! Order the sterling silver charm bracelet as a gift for yourself and loved ones and we will gift you by transforming your purchase into a glamorous package with complimentary standard shipping!  When a divinely wrapped package arrives at your doorstep, you will know that is has been made with impeccable love and care by Danny Newfeld and his team of designers and jewelers. The Danny Newfeld collection of sterling silver charm bracelets are hypoallergenic, nickel and lead free. Perfect for anyone with nickel or lead sensitivities or allergies. Shop now for sterling Silver Charm bracelets! It’s time to grace your wrists with loveliness!