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Sterling Silver Hoop Earrings

What exactly does the word “trend” mean? Is it a concept that changes from season to season from year to year? How aware should you be of fashion trends? While I don’t have the answer to the whole fashion industry, the sterling silver hoop earring trend is back and definitely here to stay! “Go Big or go home” is the motto!! Shop now for sterling silver hoop earrings!

Large sterling silver hoop earrings are class trends worn by everyone! Hoop earrings are like a great pair of jeans, they get more comfortable each time you wear them! Although there is some variance, the general trend is the same and it’s time to embrace it. But how do you find the right hoop? Here’s our handy guide!


Everything you need to know about Sterling Silver Hoop Earrings

Sterling Silver Huggie Hoop earrings

Sterling silver huggie hoop earrings are perfect for those of you who want to embrace the hoop earring trend but are not yet read for the bold look of extra large earrings.  Comfortable and versatile, especially if you’re bored of studs! One of the great features of huggie earrings is that because of their small profile, they look great with two or three in each ear. Add an ear cuff and you’ll have a fabulous look that’s edgy, yet sophisticated.


Sterling Silver Hoop Earrings Medium

Sterling silver hoop earrings that range from the small to medium sizes are probably the most accessible for earring lovers of any age, as well as for any occasion. Chunky or skinny, layered or symmetrical the face-framing power of circular sterling silver hoop earrings comes through!


Large sterling silver hoop earrings

So, you’ve graduated to a bigger hoop earring, but while they’re not huge discs, they are large enough to be spotted at a distance. Short hair, long hair, curly or kinky, sterling silver hoop earrings that are large, but not overpowering are a perfect option for everyday usage. Daytime or evening, this sized pair of hoop earrings may end up being your go-to earring!


Extra large hoop earrings in sterling silver

So, you think that you can pull off extra large hoop earrings in sterling silver? We do too! Here are some things to consider if you’re planning on wearing those huge hoops….They need to be super lightweight and thin so they don’t pull down on your lobes. Buyer beware, once you’ve added these earrings to your collection, you’ll become the center of attention!


Mixed Metals

We love the look of mixed metals! The days of no white after labor day and the law against mixing gold and silver are long gone! In fact, mixed metals add just that extra layer of color to your sterling silver hoop earrings.


Variable Shaped Earrings

We’ve been talking about circular shaped sterling silver hoop earrings, but what about hoop earrings of different shapes? Of course! Curvy squares, ovals or animal shapes, these are great ways to “step out of the circle” and make them all your own! Texture? Why not?  Ridges, designs are all fabulous additions to the sterling silver hoop earring trend. Let’s not forget about charms!! Adding charms to earrings adds allure, interest, and of course – charm! 


How long with this trend last? While the size of hoop earrings continue growing and growing until we find ourselves wearing sterling silver hoop earrings that are larger than our heads? Only you can gauge the answer to that question!



One of the great aspects of sterling silver hoop earrings is the fact that you can get your preferred type of closure! Enjoy wearing studs and butterflies? Then you’ll love having an open back to your hoop earrings! Love shepherds’ hooks? Well….shepherd’s hooks are popular for hoop earrings too, the difference is that with shepherd’s hook earrings, you’re hoop will be not flush with your hole. Finally lever back – probably the most popular option for hoop earrings. Lever back earrings hold the hoop securely and are typically easy to open and close.


Hypoallergenic Sterling Silver Hoop Earrings

What makes sterling silver a fabulous metal for jewelry? The fact that it's a skin-friendly metal! The Danny Newfeld collection of 925 Sterling silver hoop Earrings is nickel and lead free. Perfect for anyone with nickel or lead sensitivities or allergies.


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