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Layering is not just a way to keep warm for winter, because stackable rings are the perfect way to embrace the layering trend! Create the perfect stack with Sterling Silver Stackable Rings from the Danny Newfeld Collection! Love birthstones? Choose your sterling silver stackable birthstone rings! Love personalized jewelry? Consider sterling silver stackable name rings! The great thing about sterling silver stackable rings is the ability to mix, match and stack! Choose your stack!

What are Sterling Silver Stackable Rings?

You know that feeling of too many rings and not enough fingers? Whether you’re a minimalist or want to make a bold statement, sterling Silver Stackable Rings are rings that can be stacked on top of each other and worn comfortably on the same finger or separated between fingers or even between hands for nearly limitless combinations. The beauty about stacking rings is their comfort, because they are designed to be worn across the hand or all together – without looking bulky. Even if your clothing style trends toward the simpler side, dressing up your fingers in a popular all-season trend. 


How to Accomplish the Look of the Moment?

The key to layering and stacking sterling silver stackable rings is only limited to your imagination. Have one sterling silver stackable birthstone ring and two other plain bands? Sandwich your birthstone ring among the thin stacks for a powerful and unique ring stack. The process is just like creating a piece of artwork. Take your sterling silver stackable rings. Don’t forget to add a great shade of nail polish and you’re ready for your red-carpet selfie!!  

Which Finger is the statement finger?

We love adding our sterling silver stackable birthstone rings, and even mixing metals with our sterling silver stackable name rings to give a broader, yet layered look on the middle finger. Don’t neglect the thumb!! You’ll never have to worry about blending a rose gold sterling silver stackable ring with a yellow gold sterling silver stackable ring! Pairing metal finishes add depth, color and individually to your style – you get to control the message! 


Limitless Options

Vertical Stacking or Horizontal Stacking? Your mood can decide. Today, one ring on every finger, tomorrow your entire set on one finger! We have designed our Sterling Silver Stackable earrings to be so versatile, you will never run out of combinations! Love birthstones?  Pick your sterling silver stackable birthstone rings to commemorate the birth months of those you love. Love personalized rings? Our sterling silver stackable name rings are ready to be engraved with the initial or initials of your choice! And the best part….you can mix and match birthstones with personalized rings to create a look that is uniquely yours!  Love assembling your outfits? Then you will love stacking rings. Personal. Stylish and all about you. It’s time to stack with confidence!

Wearing sterling silver stackable rings comfortably

Comfort is of the most importance!! Although you may have the urge to wear your entire collection of sterling silver stackable name rings at one time, the truth is you may find that it’s more comfortable to spread them out. The best part? There are no rules, you can do what looks and feels best! Now’s the time….mix, match and stack! 



Did you know: The Danny Newfeld collection of 925 Sterling silver stackable rings is nickel and lead free? That means that they are perfect for anyone with nickel or lead sensitivities or allergies. 


Free Shipping

Did you know our entire selection of  925 Sterling Dangle Earrings are eligible for free shipping? Shop now and explore a range of options and combinations with Sterling Silver Stackable Rings from the Danny Newfeld Collection. 

Ready for Gift giving

Your sterling silver stackable rings arrive at your doorstep packaged beautiful in an eco-friendly pouch and stunning gift box. Perfect for gift giving, perfect for gift receiving, we know you’ll love the versatility and creativity of mixing and matching your own stack rings!