This Mother’s Day, Let’s Spread the Love

I grew up hearing that Mother’s Day is every day. But this mother’s day means a lot to me. It is a day to recognize the pure love and dedication that mothers show to their families, which often, if not always involves putting their loved one’s emotional and physical needs before their own.

This brings back fond memories from when I was in kindergarten and my teacher taught us about Mother’s Day, and we each made a colorful card and a macaroni necklace for our moms. I adored my mother, so I excitedly got right to work. I immaculately beaded each piece of macaroni with love and care. When it was time to clean up and head to gym class, (which I loved), I refused to get up and continued beading my colored macaroni. By the time the teacher came to check on me, I made a bracelet, necklace, and a ring

My mom was elated to receive my gift, and wore it proudly to work for a week and a half!

Mothers’ Day gives me a chance to “pause” my daily routine, and attempt to grasp a glimpse of understanding of the eternal love and care that our mothers gave us. Let’s be there for our mothers. Let’s give back.

Giving a personalized gift will touch your mother’s heart, literally! Our ‘Mom’ heart charm necklace will have your mom beaming, as she can proudly adorn a stunning necklace engraved with her name or her grandchildrens’ names.

Gift her an unforgettable gift - a set of stackable birthstone initial bracelets, and she will look amazing, and she can easily keep track of her kids’ and grandkids’ birthdays! Choose from any initial and any birthstone to perfectly personalize this thoughtful gift. And, you can always add on to her stackable bracelet collection on her upcoming birthday!

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Heart Engravable Signet Ring Sterling Silver

I decided to dedicate this Mother’s Day to my amazing mother, Ruti, and my wife, Sherly (a soon-to-be mother) and all moms. Moms are and will always be their family’s pillar.

Let’s pop a bottle of bubbly champagne, and raise a toast and celebrate the day together.