Danny Newfeld - Jewelry Designer

Welcome to the Danny Newfeld Collection,

The value of jewelry has changed over time. It has transformed from something owned to something worn, and now today, it is a means of expressing oneself.

In fine sterling silver, I have assembled a collection that reflect the harmony, elegance and beauty of the world that surrounds us. From everyday essentials to special occasions, my hope is that my new collection will be with you on your journey and be a part of your special memories. Because you're assertive, beautiful and brilliant; you will love the way my new designs help you express your individuality through jewelry.

Designed in Israel, each piece has been chosen for its organic lines and its beauty with a purpose to reflect the beauty within you. Because you have a choice, chart your own course and enjoy the journey of life with the new Danny Newfeld Collection. 

Your satisfaction is guaranteed and my commitment is to you, my community.


Need personalized assistance? Let me know, I'm here to help! Send me an email: contactus@dannynewfeld.com