5 Reasons to Visit a Museum

My Dear Friends,

I can remember the very first time I went to a museum!! I can't remember my age, but I do remember being enthralled by the adornments, intricacies and beauty of the creations on display. When I think back, I wonder - what drew me to the artifacts? I've come up with my own personal reasons to visit a museum and now, for the big reveal - you're discovered some of my inspirations for our collections!! Please read on and see what I mean!

 1. Visual Learning

Although I was a good student, I always found it hard to take a text book, read from it, memorize and then get tested on my knowledge. But...show me a graphic novel, take me to a place where I explore and then you'll see how much I can remember!!

2. Inspiration

There's just something about the beautiful artwork, the tall ceilings, the wide halls and the open spaces that really gets my creative juices flowing. I've share before that I get inspiration when I run outdoors and take in all the sites and sounds. The same is true for when I'm in a museum. When I look at a sculpture or portrait, I feel as though I am looking through the artist's lens. It allows me to get a new perspective. 

3. Family Time

Museums and galleries were the time we took, as a family, to do something all together. I was interested in sports, and my sisters had other hobbies, so getting to a museum was our way of spending time together that appealed to us all.

4. Makes Me Happy

What would you rather do, head to a mall or head to a museum? I have found much more satisfaction spending my time (and money) on an experience, rather than a purchase.

 5. Attention to detail

royal crown Israel Musuem

The attention to detail - especially the displays with the gold and silver. I found an old picture of a crown that was on display at the Israel Museum...and I'm including it here. While I don't remember if this is the exact crown that affected me so greatly, but take a look, and you will see exactly what I mean and how this crown is clear inspiration for our Monthly Special Value!!   Do you see the detailed leaves? Do they remind you of the 14K Gold Leaf Ring? Now you know the secret. When I work with our design team on new creations, it's all about how I am inspired, what I see visually and what gives me the greatest satisfaction!

Cheers, Danny