My Dear Friends,

Did you know that National Military Service is mandatory of all Israeli citizens?  It's true, I served in the army, and my sons eventually will as well. What you may (or may not) know is that in addition to Israeli citizens, we get volunteers, from all over the world, who come to do their basic training and do their military service here. A soldier, that comes from abroad, is called a "LONE SOLDIER". 


The biggest challenges for lone soldiers often is proximity from their family. Luckily we have the benefit of technology to bridge that gap.



I would like to cordially introduce you to Nechama. Not only is she a lone soldier (her family lives in Connecticut) but she also just celebrated her birthday, and guess what she received? Earrings and a personalized bracelet from the Danny Newfeld Collection! 

I sat down for a few minutes to ask Nechama some questions about her life here in Israel and experience with the army. 

DN: What is a lone soldier in your eyes? Can you share how if feels to be a lone soldier and some experiences?

NK: So to me a lone soldier is someone who wants to experience something way out of their comfort zone, a person who’s ready for challenge and wants to help change the world of their own world any way they can. Me personally I want to defend Israel with all I have and show myself as well as others that it’s important to believe in things bigger than yourself.... and if you have a dream, go for it.

DN: Why did you move to Israel?

NK: I moved to Israel a year and 2 months ago all by myself, I have no family here which I’ve realized is quite hard. Over time I made friends for life and discovered they are also my family. To me Israel is my home, is a country I’m proud to be apart of... there is nothing comparable to Israel. I moved because I wanted a fresh start of my life, I wanted to feel more independent than I am, I wanted to be apart of history in the making. Being here has been my dream and I am excited for my near future and to hopefully raise a family here.

sterling silver jewelry danny newfeld collection

DN: How do you and your family stay and feel connected throughout your service and your day-to-day life?

NK: My family and I talk every day on WhatsApp (lol, I’m not kidding). I always update them with what’s going on, where I am, how my job is going and they do the same. Seeing them on video chat helps me be less homesick, however I am excited to visit them soon (planning on surprising them :))

Nechama currently resides in the North on a base for other Lone Soldiers. 

Our personalized collection is the BEST WAY to connect to those you love, no matter what time zone!! 

The country is extraordinarily grateful to all our enlisted and voluntary soldiers! Thank you so much for keeping our country safe!