Lost Your Ring? Here are the top 9 Places it Could Be!!

My Dear Friends,

Have you ever lost a ring? Or any other precious piece of jewelry? I know how emotional that can be!! It's nearly impossible to put a value on a unique or sentimental piece of jewelry! And if you're first reaction is to panic - then chances are you'll never find it!! How many times do you look in the same place, hoping it mysteriously appears? Our customers have told us some amazing stories about how they lost their jewelry, only for it to appear sometimes months - even years - after they thought it was gone forever! I would love to share two amazing stories of found jewelry!

True Story - Lost in the Ducts

One of our customers had received a ring from her grandmother, it was too large. But because it was so sentimental she wore it anyway, with tape around it. One day, while driving, her windshield fogged up. She took out a rag to wipe it down and accidentally pulled the ring off and the ring fell into the ducts in the car! With each turn of a corner, she could hear it sliding around. It took a mechanic about 10 minutes (and of course a few dollars) but it was safely retrieved. Her first stop - the jeweler to get it sized!

True Story - Lost in a Snowbank

Julie told us a great story about her lost (and found) engagement ring. It was winter and was lightly snowing outside. She put on her winter gloves and made the trek to her car after a shopping excursion. She removed her gloves to start her car and didn't realize that her ring had slipped off until she arrived home 15 minutes later. She searched every inch of the car. When she couldn't find it, she realized that it must be in the snowbank beside her car. In a panic, she made her way back to the mall. The snowplows had made large mountains of snow near each curb to accommodate enough parking spots. She went back to her parking spot, but was frantic. How would she find it with the snow? Calling her fiancé in a panic, he had a great suggestion: Back the car up toward the mound and let the warmth from the exhaust melt the snow. When mall security saw what she was doing, they pitched in adding some more heat to the mix. About an hour later, with a big puddle forming in the lot, Julie's ring was found! 

How a Fidget Spinner Ring Can Help you Find your lost Item

I would like to start with an important piece of advice before beginning your search. The first thing you must do, is take a few DEEP breaths. If you have a fidget spinner ring, give a few twirls of that ring to help focus and minimize the worry. Once you're a bit calmer, and the meditative effects and the power of spinning have kicked in, you're ready to begin searching with a clear mind and positive outlook. 

Now that you're a bit more calm, let's go over some of the obvious (and no so obvious) locations your lost bauble could be...have you checked:

Obvious places.....

  1. Behind your dresser
  2. Under your bed?
  3. Inside the vacuum bag?
  4. In the fridge
  5. In your glove box?
  6. In your gym bag?
  7. In the dryer - in the dryer filter? Or washing machine? In your laundry basket?
  8. In a flower pot?
  9. In your toolbox?

Some other options:

  1. In your mailbox
  2. Under your couches (behind the cushions?)
  3. In your "junk" drawer
  4. In a shoe bin
  5. In the lining of your purse, or briefcase, or cosmetic bags
  6. Have a pet? I'd check the pet too!

Looking for spinner rings or other jewelry to help with mindfulness and focus? You'll find the perfect piece in our spinner ring collection as your mew meditation jewelry.

We're hopeful that you find your precious treasure!! If you've found a lost piece of jewelry, and have a story to share...I'd love to hear it!!