A Tribute, A Memory

My Dear friends,

As you know, I started my new venture of creating and launching the Danny Newfeld jewelry Collection a few months ago. During this time, what I have learned about myself is that this is the place where I can share with you, my community of customers, my happy and sad moments, my life, my reality. Here is where I want to connect to you, to listen and share your life, your passion and your dreams.

Today I want to share one of the saddest days in my life.

My uncle, Marcel Zloczower passed away 30 days ago. Last month, we were at his funeral mourning and remembering what he meant to us. Today, we returned the cemetery for the dedication ceremony of his headstone. Our family mourned once again.

My uncle was the smartest and warmest person I have ever known. He was 94 years old when he passed away. He was an amazing business man, outstanding father to his 2 boys, a grandfather, that was like a father to his grand children, and the most dedicated loving husband to my aunt. To me, he was a role model and a second father. He was born on the border between Romania and Austria, fought with the Russians in the second world war and after that built his own successful business. He spoke 10 languages fluently and had a general knowledge about everything. He was a Zionist and believed in God. He generously donated to State of Israel because he cared about and protected her Statehood.

He was loved and respected by so many people and it is a challenge to keep going after he is gone.

Danny's Uncle. Danny Newfeld Collection

Before making any business or personal decision, I would go to my uncle for advice first. He had the best perspective and gave fabulous feedback. One of my final memories is from when I was planning my wedding last September. His doctor would not allow him to fly to our wedding from Austria to Italy. He seriously checked the option to take 20 hours train to come to my wedding, that’s how bonded we were. But to preserve his health, he couldn't be there. After the wedding, Sherly and I postponed our honeymoon and went to Vienna to spend a long weekend with him. I didn't know it at the time, but that would be the last time we would spend together. I valued every moment together.

Danny Newfeld Collection

Marcel – I will love you forever and hope not to disappoint you, you will be missed.

Yours, Danny