New Year's Resolutions for 2020

Happy New Year! 

It's time to "kick-off" 2020!


It's going to be a wonderful year! It's going to be an amazing decade! While  I know that radical New Year's resolutions typically don't last, here's a goal that I have set for myself, that I know that I can promise:  I'm committed and super excited to present a year that's full of creativity, insight and inspiration. 

 So before I let you know what that will look like, I decided to take a walk down memory lane and look back at the past ten years. Over the past decade, I've seen tremendous personal and professional growth! I took up running and absolutely love it! I've run marathons in Vienna, Poland and even England! 

It's been astounding to watch my amazing sons grow from toddlers, to young men and it's a with great pride that I am able to see them mature physically and emotionally.  With my boys, I've been blessed to be able to take family outings and travel to exotic locales such as Austria and even Russia! I love traveling and it gives me the opportunity to discover new locales.

I got married! It was an incredible highlight of 2019 and I am alive with happiness!

Back in 2010 (see my formal picture in the jacket on the right) I launched the Or Paz Sterling Silver Collection on QVC. I love the thrill and excitement of being on air, and designing a jewelry brand that was fresh, novel and gorgeous! I'm proud to state that the Or Paz Collection has became one of the top jewelry brands on QVC.  

 For me, one of the most important professional achievements has been the launch of the brand new Danny Newfeld Collection! I was on a quest. My mission was to design a sterling silver jewelry collection made for YOU. A collection that focuses on YOU, our community of customers. Now I get an opportunity to email with you, chat with you, and really get to know you! You've truly given me a tremendous amount of insight  My new collection truly has been a labor of love! 

For the next year, I look forward to spending time with my growing family, and with you, my loyal community. You are the inspiration for this new collection. I'm so excited to explore new designs, new techniques and bring you a line of jewelry that you will love to wear! 

Welcome to 2020!

 What have you accomplished over the past decade? What does the next decade hold for you?