Are Bracelets Right for Me?

Bold or barely there, you don't just wear a bracelet, you express your individuality! There's something super fun and super stylish about jangle bangles and charm bracelets!!

The sheer number of bracelets that are out there can make the decision overwhelming, but have no fear...we've taken the guess work out of how to shop for your favorite wrist accessory.

What is a the difference between a BANGLE and a BRACELET?

bangle versus bracelet danny newfeld

Bracelets and bangles come in a variety of shapes (and sizes).  A bangle is a solid ring of metal - no clasps allowed - so that the bangle slips over the wrist. Bangles can be geometric, or circular with rough or smooth edges It's super fun to stack bangles and wear more than one for a jingly and layered look.  Because bangles do not have any hinges, they also usually hang loosely around the wrist. A bracelet is a more generic term meaning something you wear on your wrist. 

What is a CUFF?

Typically, cuffs have an open end (so they're shaped like the letter "C". They usually fit closer to the wrist (or else, of course, they would fall off!)

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What's the Most Comfortable?

If you spend time on a computer, you may find that a simple, light, tennis bracelet may be perfect for day-to-day use. It won't interfere with your movement, and it's a subtle yet elegant way to drape your wrist in style. 

What size BRACELET, BANGLE or CUFF should I buy?

We have a great guide HERE to measure your wrist to get the PERFECT fit!