How Can I Measure My Ring Size?

Do you love shopping online for clothes or for shoes? You probably have a good idea of to to measure your size? You've been wearing shoes your whole life, and probably know what size is most comfortable. 

What's your ring size? for rings? It's not as simple. Even if you already have a jewelry box full of your favorite rings, or your grandmother's heirlooms, you may not know what size they are. And, unlike a skirt or shoes - you have 10 fingers to shop for! But fear not - at the DN collection, we've got the solution! 

Danny Newfeld Ring Sizing Guide

 For the most accurate ways to measure....USE our FREE RING SIZER! Here's how it works!

  1.  Wrap it around the base of the finger on which you intend to wear your ring.
  2. Push the end through the buckle.
  3. Pull tight. It should fit snugly, yet be loose enough that it can still be slipped over your knuckle - this is very important.
  4. The letter the arrow points to denotes your ring size. If you’re between sizes, it’s always better to round up to the next biggest size (towards size Z).

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