Summertime Jewelry Care

From suntan lotion to chlorine, from the beach to the pool—the elements of summertime can be rough on your most precious pieces of jewelry. Here, we’ve gathered all of our expert tips on how to keep your jewelry clean, safe and secure throughout the season.

To Wear, or Not to Wear Fine Jewelry on the Beach?


Many people will tell you that you should never wear jewelry to the beach. And while you are taking some risks by doing so, it can sometimes be unavoidable when attending a wedding in the dunes or seaside cocktail hour. Or, maybe you just simply must wear that perfect statement necklace with your brand new swimsuit.

We get it! We never want to tell you that you can’t show off your jewels–you’ve just got to be careful when you’re on the shore!

As a general rule of thumb, you should never go in the water while wearing fine jewelry—and that includes wedding and engagement rings! Unless your rings are very tight because you never take them off, it’s best to leave them (and other expensive items) at home, where they won’t be left unattended out in the open while you’re in the water.

Beware of Jewelry Toxins!

Some summer elements are more dangerous to jewelry than others. Here’s a look at the worst offenders:

  • Sunscreen and Bug Spray – Most lotions and sprays won’t permanently damage your jewelry, however they will get stuck into the crevices and form a film that may make your precious gems and metals look dull and dingy.
  • Sweat – With the summer heat comes inevitable sweating, which can cause your jewelry to appear dirty. Additionally, any moisture can cause the string or thread of a piece of jewelry to rot.
  • Sand and Dirt – While playing in the sand with the kids or gardening at home, it’s best to remove your rings, as the abrasive materials can scratch metals and softer gemstones.
  • Sun – We love our summer sunshine, but just like it can harm our skin with too much exposure, it can also damage jewelry over time. Keep your gemstones out of the rays to avoid fading and weakening.
  • Chlorine – You’ll definitely want to remove your jewelry before making a splash this summer. Pool and spa chemicals can damage and discolor precious metals like gold and platinum. When sterling silver is exposed to chlorine, it’s not uncommon for it to tarnish and turn black. Additionally, over time the chemical can erode a gemstone’s polish and finish.
  • Sea Salt – Sea salt, while tasty on chocolate, can wreak havoc on jewelry. Metals like copper, iron and rose gold will corrode quickly when exposed to salty sea air. Gold, silver and platinum can also be damaged by sea salt, but it takes much longer for the deterioration to take effect.

Just Like New

Whether your jewelry is exposed to the summertime elements or not, it will still get dirty with everyday wear. To keep your fine jewelry sparkling just like new, we recommend that you clean your jewelry at home every three to six months and get it professionally cleaned at least once a year. During the summer, you may consider getting your jewelry cleaned even more often to proactively keep the materials in excellent shape. You can bring your jewelry to any Tapper’s location for complimentary cleaning, even if you didn’t buy it from us!

Keeping your investment clean, safe, and secure is important to us! Learn more about caring for your jewelry on the Tapper’s website.