Please welcome to the arena: a stunning piece from our Roman Glass Collection, our Sterling Silver Roman Glass Charm Bracelet. Elegant, enchanting, bold and rare, like each one of our DN community members. As I like to say, when you wear Roman Glass, you wear a piece of history. When wearing this bracelet, its owner adds an extra layer to her-story. Composed of nature’s beautiful artwork, formed over centuries in a complex chemical process, stunning Roman Glass jewelry is almost completely unique to Israel. However, this rare material offers an even higher value to women than its glamorous nature, rooted in stories of ancient Greece and the Roman Empire.

Back when Israel was subject to Roman rule, glass (ironically, so common today) was a luxury item reserved for the wealthiest in an elite society. With the fall of the empire, much glass in the area was abandoned and fell into disrepair. Over time, the forgotten glass became buried beneath thick layers of mineral-rich earth, where it lay for hundreds of years. Almost 2000 years later, when excavation work began across the modern state of Israel, it uncovered pieces of delicately colored, sparkling, rare glass remnants. Though bold in significance, it’s quite delicate, exquisite and makes a spectacular centerpiece to any ensemble. Ranging in color from iridescent hues of blues and greens to shimmering purples, yellows and sparkling flecks of pink and orange. No two fragments of this timeless substance are alike, so each piece of Roman Glass jewelry, much like you, is rare, significant and exceptional.

Roman Glass Charm BraceletWhen it comes to Roman history, it really tends to be just that: HIS-Story, am I right? Roman Empire heroic tales tend to focus on strong generals, famous legislators and notable citizens; all of whom were male. Pretty classic stuff... However, when Sherly and I dug deeper, we found that women back then, in fact, cleverly utilized their hidden strengths. It turns out that during the hundreds of years through which Rome was a Republic, women’s rights and values blossomed and increased quickly in popularity. As Roman women gained independence, they began going to the forum to shop by themselves, meet with friends and visit holy temples. On a closer look, we discovered stories of Roman women who wielded considerable power, though often veiled modestly behind the role of wife and mother. 

As part of their elevated status in society, Roman women started showing off their newfound freedom and independence, even more so than great and powerful men, by collecting and wearing jewelry pieces. They pierced their ears and adorned themselves with necklaces, bracelets, rings, and fibula (brooches). Jewelry became a testament to social stature. Through the years, it was even considered women’s private property which could be kept independently of their husband's wealth. As part of their collection, they had the right to buy, sell, bequeath, or barter their own jewelry. Hense Roman Glass represents much more than stunning accessories. It is a symbol of independence and the rise of women’s power through history. 

Available now at an exceptional discount for a short while, our Roman Glass Charm Bracelet stands the test of time in fashion, symbolism and style.