Best Ways to Wear White After Labor Day

My Dear Friends,

It's Labor Day Weekend in the United States! Celebrated the first Monday in September, it indicates that Summer is drawing to a close and fall is around the corner.  Many students are about to start their school year. (Albeit in quite a different format than we could have predicted). For others, it's a sign to put away your white shoes!

Aside from BBQs and a bid farewell to summer, Labor Day is when we celebrate the economic and social contributions of workers, hard workers like you. It's interesting, in Israel, "Labor Day" is in May.  Dedicated to the same reason as the US -  to celebrate the economic and social achievements of workers. But it's not widely celebrated nor observed. 

Fall weather brings wardrobe changes and we love layering as both a fashionable and practical way to keep warm as the weather cools. 

Inspired by our jewelry collections, we've put together a few techniques to help you layer multiple necklaces all at once. 


Different pieces of different lengths not only complement each other but also will prevent twisting!! Our personalized horizontal pendant necklace (with an 18" length) looks so good with this long necklace!! 

Try this: MIX AND MATCH!

Mixing and matching bold necklaces with finer necklaces for a sophisticated and natural look! looks seamless! Look how great our ROMAN GLASS collection complements the longer necklace!!

Try this: KEEP IT SIMPLE!!

Love shapes? Stars, hearts, crosses or diamond-shaped....all shapes go great together! 

Keep in mind, there are no hard rules when it comes to layering necklaces. Picking necklaces in different lengths and styles is the only sure-fire way to achieve that layered look, so have fun with it!

Enjoy the national holiday! Step away from your laptop, and take a moment to enjoy the day! Regardless of how you choose to celebrate Labor Day, celebrate it in style with 20% off sitewide! 

Do you celebrate Labor Day? What's on your agenda this weekend?

Happy Fall and Enjoy the Art of Layering!