Christmas in July!? When I first heard the phrase, it immediately piqued my interest. ‘Christmas’ to me is a cozy holiday in the midst of a cold, snow white winter where Santa and his reindeer enthusiastically deliver heart-warming gifts to our loved ones around the world. Well, when I looked it up, I was very intrigued. 

According to a popular legend, on a smoldering hot day in the summer of 1933, a Keystone Summer Camp in North Carolina directed by Miss Fannie, creative and whimsical director decided to celebrate Christmas by decking out the entire campsite with fake snow, generous gifts, and even set up a giant evergreen tree with ornaments and fairy lights. The campers and the counselors had an absolute blast! The media picked up on this in late 1940 when the movie ‘Christmas in July’ hit theatres and this set Christmas in July as an “official” trend. 

I was sold! It is such a simple idea that can lift everyone’s moods to that beloved Christmas cheer that we all love. The Christmas spirit is made up of cherished holiday traditions such as: spending time with family, gift giving and decorating our homes and Christmas trees. These beloved rituals set the mood of the holiday and can be celebrated anytime and anywhere, even in late July! I assure you that you will get into the Christmas spirit.

If you love the summer vibes, you can totally make Christmas in July your own by decorating your tree with summer items such as beach toys and nautical ornaments. And as for the gifts, trade the fuzzy socks and red ornaments for tropical flip flops, a stunning bohemian beach cover-up, funky sunglasses and of course, beautiful jewelry. 

Stretch Charm Bracelet Trio

Our ‘Stackable Stretch Bracelet Trios’ make for fantastic Christmas gifts, no matter what time of the year we celebrate it in. They are lightweight, fashionable and appropriate for girls of all ages. Our Stretch Bracelets are made of Rhodium-plated 925 Sterling Silver and offer a variety of stunning handcrafted charm combinations such as birthstones, flowers, hearts, stars, crosses and more. With a choice of six charm combinations, I am sure that you will find one that you will adore, which will light up your wrists and your hearts and lift your spirits. 

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So let those jewels glisten in the sun as we raise our cool summer cocktails sporting Christmas colored beachwear in July and stretch out the Holiday Spirit for as long as we like! 

Happy Christmas in July! 

Yours Truly,