The excitement of Independence Day is here to stay this weekend. A day of glory and American pride, and I decided to take a few minutes to reflect on the meaning of the day and write this sentiment to you - right before I head out to enjoy a delicious BBQ with friends and family, in celebration of this beautiful summer weekend.

When I grew up, we learned about America’s fascinating history in high school. I remember learning about the unforgettable Boston Tea Party, and the iconic Liberty bell, rung on July 8th to celebrate the official reading of the United States Declaration of Independence. What I particularly recollect is a certain phrase that my teacher mentioned: “The Big American Melting Pot”.

The “Big American Melting Pot” is the fascinating tale of the massive, continuous immigration to the United States from all over the world. People from hundreds of ethnicities, nationalities, and religions flocked towards the United States with high hopes, burning passions, and dreams of growth, security, and success. The melting pot not only describes the mass immigration but in my eyes, it depicts the incredible absorption of each person into American society. The word “melting” depicts the mix of every persons’ unique and colorful personality, which brings their own “taste” and “color” to the pot. It does not get lost in the mix, but rather adds a special flavor to the whole dish.

Our set of Silver & Gold Stack Rings is a collection of eight rings. Each unique in its design and texture adding its own special flavor to a complete design.Rock the look by wearing them all together or in pairs, as the stacking concept allows you to play with your look in endless possible ways. The Yellow Gold over Sterling Silver band rings make a stunning statement on your hand that will put a smile on your face when you glance at your fingers.

Sterling Silver Stack Rings - Set of 8

Liz, a devoted customer wrote:

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Today, when we watch the red, white, and blue fireworks and sip our cocktails at our pool parties, let’s remember what Independence Day is about. It represents people’s efforts to earn and keep their right to freedom and their right to their own country. America became independent by a unanimous vote in 1776, and remains independent today. What a momentous reason to celebrate!

Wishing you and your family a Happy Independence Day!

Yours, Danny