I often reflect on my father and his and the impact that they have made on my life and my character. Father’s Day is a good time to consider and acknowledge the roles that fathers have played in the past and are still playing today.

It is mind boggling to recall that up until not too long ago, when the term ‘fatherhood’ was mentioned, most would picture a vivid image of a stern disciplinarian, acting as the main breadwinner of the family. Mothers were commonly expected to be the caregivers of the family; putting homemaking and raising children at top priority. Jobs or any amusements that may distract them from their household and family duties were frowned upon. There was tremendous pressure on both genders to fit the role that society dictated was ideal for them. A woman was expected to dream of her wedding day, rather than her future career. A man was expected to be the ‘head of the household’ and the sole provider for any financial needs for his family.

What a tremendous change the role of ‘Father’ has made over the years. It is constantly evolving, due to societal and environmental changes which make the stigma of a ‘sole breadwinning disciplinarian’ redundant. I’m happy to say that these days, the role of a father has blossomed into many different, creative, and beautiful directions that are truly inspiring. Today, a man can choose his role in the family without having to consider or fret nearly as much about constant societal pressures.

‘Modern-Day’ fathers can contribute to so many aspects of their children’s lives, such as their health, emotional and spiritual needs, daily activities and advice on relationships with their family and friends.  They can be much more active participants in their nurturing and involved presence in their lives. Roles that were once mostly dominated by the female figures in the family are now interchangeable between both genders, which add so much to the quality and experience of being parents on both sides. From ‘Stay-At-Home Dads’ to CEOs, the sky is the limit for fathers worldwide.

This Father’s Day, celebrate fathers everywhere with a gift that symbolizes the strong and inseparable connection between them and their children. To help you show dad how much his contributions and sacrifices are appreciated, I designed the Sterling Silver ‘Men's Braided Ring’ which reflects the intertwined participation of the ‘Modern Father’ in all aspects of his families’ lives.  This ring adds an elegant grace to any man’s style and the thought behind it will certainly warm even the “toughest” man’s heart.  

Our ‘Men’s Braided Ring’ measures approx. 3/8" W and arrives thoughtfully packed in a black, chic gift box, ready to be gifted to your loved ones.

I’m dedicating this year’s Father’s Day Collection in honor or my father and fathers everywhere, who make wonderful role models for their children and others within their communities.