Flags flown at half-mast, freeways packed with cars, the soothing strains of trumpets from the local high school marching band travel through the streets, and thousands of proud soldiers and veterans proudly decked out in their ironed uniforms, berets, pins and medals. It’s Memorial Day.

When the words ‘Memorial Day’ are mentioned, one might think of barbecues, pool time, a long weekend and the beginning of summertime. We sometimes forget to focus on the fact that Memorial Day was founded to commemorate and honor the noble American soldiers who fought and died in defense of their country and those who selflessly dedicated their lives to the protection of this great country. 

Many traditions were adopted throughout the years to commemorate this important day, such as heading out on nature trails hikes and spending quality time with family. A prominent one is: families who take this day to visit their fallen loved ones and decorate their graves with flowers and flags.

We all do what we can to show our support and appreciation, whether it’s  reaching out to families within our community or visiting military cemeteries. On my part, I’m also dedicating our ‘Star Charm Collection’, featuring our ‘Star Charm Hoop Earrings’ &  ‘Star & Pearl Beaded Bracelet’, in honor of the 50 states that these brave soldiers dedicated their lives to. 
The half-inch hoops on our ‘Star Charm Hoop Earrings’, fit nice and snug on the lobes. They are light on the ear and immediately noticeable by everyone around. The star charms are slightly puffed, with some wonderful beaded details around the edges.

The matching ‘Star & Pearl Beaded Bracelet’ is a great ‘go-to’ piece, featuring a one of a kind glistening pearl. Another great option to add to your stacking stretch bracelets or let it stand out all on its own. Choose between Rose gold, Sterling Silver, Yellow Gold, or a combination to coordinate your Star Charms with other accessories. What a great way to remember our brave heroes and what they believed in.

Every single soldier is a cornerstone in the building of their country. At 3 P.M, let’s stand together in the national moment of silence and commemorate their bravery in solute of our half-mast red, white, and blue spangled banner.