From her fingertips to her toes, every woman has a unique mind, voice, look and personality. Some think that these differences set us apart, but the truth is we all have an innate need to socialize, connect and find commonalities. Even simple, seemingly common similarities such as: love of coffee, art, technology, literature, artisan baking, entrepreneurship, nature, etc. can bring people together. In the past, connections were limited by location, due simply to accessibility. Women built their ‘tribes’ with those nearby them, as they did not have easy access to those beyond their geographical reach.

As technology continues to grow smarter and faster, the distance separating women becomes smaller and more insignificant. Modern communication methods have granted us the opportunity to build social bridges worldwide. The ability to connect easily with others around the globe, once deemed impossible, has now become an afterthought. From the African bush to the deserts of the Middle East; from Central Australia to the streets of America, women can now find each other easily and build global relationships based on common values, hobbies and beliefs.

Garnet Gemstone Stack RingsRepresenting communities of women banding together around the world is my Sterling Silver Stack Ring with Garnet Gemstone. Like women, each individual ring carries its own essence, beauty and heart. When brought together they form a work of art. The stunning blood-red Garnet Gemstone perched on a Sterling Silver band, sits in between two 14K Yellow Gold bands. Whether worn individually or as a set, they are guaranteed to draw attention to your feminine hand.

These international ties enable us to admire, encourage, strengthen and celebrate each other’s life journeys. Strong networks of women banding together have the power to make a major impact on the world and a real difference in our society. Networks like our DN community which is built of strong, colorful and caring women who never cease to amaze me. If we band together and share the Danny Newfeld Facebook Page with other wonderful women among our friends and family, we can grow our community and test how far our reach can be. Looking forward to meeting your loved ones in our community.

Yours Truly,