“One small step for man, one giant leap for mankind” These words reside in me until this day. These words mean something special to me, and probably to you too. Think of it, Neil was the first person to set foot on the moon, a feat that was once deemed impossible, but he accomplished this task. When I first heard Neil’s moving words, I felt a spark of excitement and inspiration. ‘If he can go to the moon, surely I can accomplish my dreams here on earth’, I thought. 

Think of the impact made by each step a person takes. It seems simple, but a small step can leave an imprint that we may not even be aware of. Just like Neil Armstrong’s first step on the moon left an imprint on our minds and in our hearts, each step a woman takes can leave an imprint on others who may wish to follow her lead. As such, every small step can be a meaningful stride for her community.

In every community, there are leaders, influencers and core shakers which many look up to for guidance and inspiration. I believe that we all have the potential to be leading forces within our community. So when a woman chooses to challenge herself and make a difference for herself as well as others, this inspires others to do the same and makes a real difference that can impact generations.

Gemstone Charm Ankle Bracelet Sterling Silver AnkletSo, when you are getting ready to make a small or big life choice, remember what an impact your decisions can make on those around you. And when you take that meaningful step, remember to stand out with our Sterling Silver ‘Gemstone Charm Ankle Bracelet’. This beautiful piece is made in Israel and, like all the pieces within our collection, is designed with you in mind. It gracefully decorates your ankle with an elegant charm bracelet donned with Opulent gemstones of Iolite, Jade, and Apatite. Its eye-catching design will transform every step you take into an elegant gesture. Gift this Gemstone Anklet to a woman that inspired you or get one for yourself as a reminder that every step that you take is meaningful, beautiful and inspirational to someone out there. 

Let me hear your thoughts! Who inspired you to be who you are and where you are today?