When I was a kid, little girls watched Wonder Woman on TV and were inspired to be magical and powerful just like her. Nowadays, being ‘Wonder Woman’ has evolved into a modernized and tangible image of a strong, independent woman who can accomplish anything she sets her mind to. Perhaps with a little help from her accessories.

Just like Wonder Woman proudly belongs to her Amazonian tribe, women thrive and flourish when they are part of a community. When women unite, they are a force to be reckoned with. This has been shown repeatedly throughout history and modern days. In times of crisis, women fearlessly unite to protect their loved ones. In times of prosperity and success, they support each other and celebrate together. In our modern world, it is very tempting to compete with others for what life has to offer. However, despite this, so many times women have proven to fight the urge to compete for the sake of uniting and conquering goals together.

Women have been known to empower one another by learning from each other and networking. This is a true triumph, as when we empower one another, we empower ourselves. I view this act of selfless kindness incredible and believe it reflects the eternal bond that has guided women through darkness and in light.

open hearts ring

When I designed our ‘Multi Open Heart Collection’, what I wanted to capture visually was the notion that hearts, of all shapes and sizes, perfectly balance and blend together to form one united whole. Each heart within these stunning, intricately designed pieces represents a member within our wonderful DN community, who’s unwavering heartfelt support towards others within it, Sherly and myself never ceases to amaze me. Gift them as a set or as individual pieces and share their beauty and heartfelt story with someone cherished within your community.