At the dinner table, as a conversation starter, I often ask my kids: “How was your day?”, or “Tell me something new that you learned today.” One evening, when asked about his day, Eitan  enthusiastically responded: “It was great! We learned about caterpillars and how they turn into butterflies and fly.” I was so excited that Eitan was so eager to share an anecdote from his day, that I asked him to tell me everything. He happily obliged me: 

He shared the fascinating concept of the small, slow caterpillar that slowly builds a cocoon and goes into hibernation, then finally emerges as a  butterfly with wet, weak wings. Gradually, the butterfly spreads his wings to dry them, and starts fluttering. This natural process is utterly fascinating when you think about it. The ability to transform oneself into something entirely different is remarkable. 

Similar to the caterpillar’s transformation into a butterfly, human beings can also transform. When I reflected on my own childhood, I realized that I slowly transformed from a shy guy into a more outgoing person. I noticed my kids are following in my footsteps as well. Being more outgoing has helped me gradually and successfully grow my business, and strengthens my bond with my friends and my family. Most importantly, it gives me the confidence and freedom to be my true self and share it with people around me. This notion and its connection with Eitan’s tale, made me think of Social Butterflies and the way they impact their community. 

A social butterfly is known for their elegant social grace and charismatic personality. They can light up a room with their smile, and strike a conversation with anyone. Often, they are admired by their peers and surroundings and can spark feelings of joy and optimism, as they are very skilled at making others feel important. I think this trait also somewhat imposes on them a social responsibility to be positive examples amongst their ‘followers’. 

Fun Fast: Being outgoing is not only enjoyable, it has many benefits such as improving your memory, improving your ability to create stronger and long-lasting bonds, and even help you land a promotion in your chosen profession. In addition to this, it is scientifically proven that being a social butterfly improves your physical and mental health.



Our June Monthly Special Value is Inspired by the beauty of butterflies and the freedom and confidence they represent. These virtues are embodied in my Sterling Silver ‘Gemstone Bypass butterfly Ring’, which features one prominent bezel set gemstone and three silver beautifully etched butterflies, who peacefully rest on the ring’s band. Choose from our stunning variety of Bezel-set gemstones: Blue Topaz, Citrine, Peridot and Amethyst, which make this piece really fun to coordinate with your outfit. The Gemstone Butterfly Ring has a smooth bypass design and hammered finish on a split tapered shank with an oxidized finish.

The ‘Gemstone Bypass Butterfly Ringis part of a special edition collection representing the remarkable beauty of butterflies and the major impact they make on us, in our fleeting interactions with them. Just like the impact Social Butterflies, who’s charm, charisma, and friendship impact their communities. I'm dedicating our Butterfly Ring to all those Social Butterflies out there, who made an extra effort to reach out and spread optimism and laughter during these trying past couple of years.

Wishing you a wonderful first month of summer and all the confidence in the world to feel free to be your true selves and share it with everyone around you.