I am over the moon with excitement! After eagerly anticipating our baby boy for nine months,  Sherly and I drove down to the hospital at around 10 PM Friday night, and 26 hours later we were blessed to welcome our little baby boy into the world. Thank you for your support and prayers. 

Did you know? There are some interesting traditions associated with childbirth around the world. Sherly shared a tradition where the family gifts a necklace with tiny bells to the soon-to-be mother, and the mother wears it throughout her pregnancy so her baby can hear the chimes and relax. Then, when the mother gives birth, tradition says to hang the necklace on their bassinet or stroller, so they can hear the soothing sound of the familiar chimes. Not sure how the mother feels about this, but the thought is still sweet. :)

In most cultures, including Israel, it is traditional to gift the new mother a piece of jewelry after the birth. This beautiful tradition allows for special pieces to be passed down from generation to generation, thus the jewelry becomes a sentimental heirloom, reminding us of the joys of having a family and the members within it. I designed our Sterling Silver ‘Mother’s Necklace with Boy and Girl Charms’ with Sherly and other new moms in mind. This necklace symbolizes the eternal emotional connection between mothers and their children, who are always on their minds and in their hearts.

Moms always wear their hearts on their sleeves, so I designed our ‘Child and Birthstone Charms’ Rhodium plated beaded Stretch Bracelet especially for them to wear on it. You can personalize it with boy and girl charms, and choose their Cubic Zirconia birthstone to mark their birthdays. That way, you can always add a new bracelet for each new addition to the family.


It is so hard to believe that only a mere month ago, we carefully packed our hospital bag with cute little outfits, baby products, and supplies we would need. I even threw in little surprises for Sherly, like sweets she likes, a special playlist for the delivery room, and a cozy pillow to make her feel as comfortable as possible. I could barely zip the bag closed. Hearing our baby’s first cry, was music to our ears. As a husband and father, I am so proud of Sherly. She is so caring and strong-willed and is already the most amazing mother! She is my inspiration. I am so looking forward to sharing this new experience with her and my three sons. 

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