Finding peace in a restless world - Summer Sale - incredible savings!

My Dear Friends,

As the world continues to face this global pandemic, my thoughts turn to past summertime adventures. The times, places, and activities where I found my peace. I am an active person as you may see through my social media. If you haven’t already, come and follow me on Facebook and on  Instagram to see what I'm up to! 

I wanted to share another passion of mine that I am daydreaming about these days. I love to go scuba diving. I am lucky enough that I have traveled to many destinations around the world and checked out scuba fun in exotic locations such as the Maldives, Thailand, and many more. The content of a dive may vary around the world but there is one thing that is universal in every dive I have done.

The peace I feel during a dive, the total and complete serenity that washes over me is always there for the taking. Preparing for a dive, the journey to the destination, and all the safety checks I must carry out all pale into the background once I am down beneath the surface. My mind relaxes and I float about in that magical space, it has been a great source of creative inspiration for me over the years. It places my mind in a highly effective zone where the creativity flows as freely as the rippling waves against the shore. The ocean is a magical place and it surprises me how many have not had this experience. I highly recommend you add it to your future bucket list. 

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From the depths of the world's oceans to soaring through the sky in a hot air balloon, I appreciate the stunning natural beauty of our planet. It inspires my desire and direction and I am always overjoyed to read and all the incredible feedback as the Danny Newfeld fine Jewelry collection grows. 

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I believe we all need to stay present and remember that while we wait for our world to return to a "new normal"  there are more incredible travel experiences for us all to enjoy.