Behind the scenes Video & Photoshoot Edition

My Dear Friends,

There are so many fun and exciting parts of my business life as a jewelry designer. I can honestly say that no two days look the same. Today more than ever we communicate the emotion behind a jewelry collection via video and photography. I have decided to bring you, my wonderful community behind the scenes of our recent days behind the camera on a photo and shoot. This audio and visual language needs delicate attention to detail to be successful!behind the scenes photoshoot danny newfeld collection

With over 20 years of experience presenting on live TV, I can see how much I’ve changed. I understand the importance of modifying my presentation skills to become more focused and more detailed when I only get a brief moment to present one item. 

The preparation starts long before we arrive at the shoot. The practical organization of selecting a location and consulting with a team of professionals, from the film crew to the models, it all takes time and requires precision planning. Once the team has been confirmed, then begins the creative journey and the real FUN. 

Many of you may already know that we must plan and shoot way ahead of time to be ready for each seasonal event. Did you know - we have just filmed our products for events happening in September and October? This takes a little imagination and some discomfort for the models as they must wear winter clothing during the HOT ISRAELI summer days to create that seasonally appropriate style.

 sterling silver photoshoot model danny newfeld collection

The energy at the shoot is always electric and we play high energy music (I’m a fan of the Beatles) and we often share a couple of laughs in-between takes. This is all part of the professional production and I know it translates to the fun, light vibe in all our content.

The whole team needs to feel the energy of the room and we all work closely together with the same passion and excitement from the first to the very last shot of the day. The finer adjustments in between each take are what matters, a slight change in angle can make or break a great final image. The combination of items is planned but we do sometimes make spontaneous changes that just seem to make more sense, “in the moment.”

behind the scenes photoshoot danny newfeld collection

I am both behind the camera and in front of it, during a shooting day, which keeps me on my toes. The heat from the lights, the awkward angles, and the way we need to maintain that smile just a little longer than is comfortable, all allows me to have greater empathy for what my team is going through. I have the joy of sharing a portion of the day with my beautiful wife who joins me on set. She is always incredible support and contributes her own fabulously stylish flavor to the shoot. 

With many smiles and laughs along the way, I am delighted with the results and can’t wait to share all of our new video and photo content.