To Stretch or not to Stretch? How Flexible are YOU?

My Dear Friends,

With most of 2020 behind us, I was thinking of how I could describe the year in one word. I think the word needs to be FLEXIBLE. As an exercise enthusiast, I work on my physical flexibility and ability to stretch all the time. But as a human being, I think that FLEXIBLE maybe my family's theme of 2020.

At the outset of the pandemic, flexible was the takeaway of nearly every newscast. Stay at home, don't go out. So, we needed to be flexible to adapt our "shelter-at-home" lifestyle to make living indoors more exciting; and that was challenging. We had to change our expectations and our movements were limited.

Over time, flexible took on a different meaning. Flexible meant the ability to change and react to the government's ever-changing guidelines and restrictions. Gatherings of over 100 changed to gatherings of under 50, then only 10. It meant the ability to show resilience and creativity for family reunions, weddings, and other yearly milestones. 

Shopping began a new adventure. Glove up, mask on, stand 2 meters away, wait in line to keep the maximum amount of customers in a store at any given time. 

My children needed to gain flexibility too. Online school platforms have become the new norm, which meant that their ability to adapt to a different schedule and acclimate to a different routine has been challenging to their flexibility too. 

Even our family vacations took on new meaning!! 

How does stretching fit into this? Easy!! Stretching (in this context) means to reach deep into our emotional muscles. As a family, we needed to extend just a bit more patience for each other, put our energy into cultivating our conversations, interactions, and being creative - after all - we are will one-another nearly 24/7 - everyone is suffering isolation fatigue! Stretching means to get out of our comfort zone in order to reach new heights, learn new skills and cope with the new normal. 

beaded bracelets danny newfeld collection

So, how does that translate to the Danny Newfeld Collection? Easy!! Now you have a choice, to stretch or not to stretch!! Our signature stretch charm bracelets have been hugely successful! We know you love the feel and look. so now we've added something brand new!! A beaded bracelet WITHOUT the stretch! 

They are LARGE!! Our stretch bracelets have 3mm sterling silver beads, and these have beads that are 4mm or even 5mm in size. That means they'll look great stacked and layered on your wrist!

Like our stretch bracelets, you can add two charms to the center! Strung on a sturdy sterling silver chain, and complete with a large easy-closure lobster clasp, I have a feeling that you will fall in love with our newest beaded bracelets.

Do you have a favorite word for 2020? Think about it...and share it!