Spring is in the air! Our Monthly Special Value

My Dear Friends,

Spring is in the air, the flowers seem even brighter and more colorful as we begin to leave lockdowns all over the world. This year more than ever I have spent time appreciating nature and the beauty that is closer to home. I am enjoying the warmer spring temperatures and longer days of bright sunshine. Spring is a time of positivity and this monthly special has two distinct charms that will raise your energy while increasing your positivity just like the first warm spring breeze of the year.

Our monthly special is delicately balanced with two delightful charms. The mellow flower’s name comes from the Greek word “malakos”, which means “soft”. This pretty flower has five petals and varies in color from pink to purple and white. It is known as the Guardian Of A House” and symbolizes love, protection, and health. This makes it a powerful gift to share with a loved one, or treat yourself and enjoy its symbolic energy. During these challenging times, I believe we could all benefit from more love and good health.

The second charm we have chosen to complement this comfortable and striking stretch bracelet is the Lapis Lazuli. The lapis lazuli pearl adds a splash of sophisticated color while also known for its protective qualities making this the perfect choice to pair with the mellow flower charm. The benefits of wearing lapis lazuli cover emotional and physical well-being. Known to bring healing to the body and mind by removing negative heavy energy and leaving the wearer with an overall lighter sense of positivity. This is an attractive charm that would make a superb gift to anyone at any stage of their life. The way that lapis lazuli heals and calms the mind makes this a great gift for anyone studying or learning a new skill. Throughout history, great leaders have adorned their clothing with lapis lazuli to protect and increase their power and ability to lead nations.

This Mallow Floral and Lapis Lazuli stretch bracelet is truly a remarkable and beautiful gift. It is comfortable and versatile, you can wear it alone or as part of a layering of stretch bracelets.

This spring why not gift someone special or treat yourself to this powerful protective and healing double charm stretch bracelet. I know you will adore the sophisticated look and comfort that the mallow flower and lapis lazuli will bring.

This is one of my favorite times of the year and I hope spring is bringing some joy and peace to all of you wherever you are in the world.