This Time, It's Personal!


It's the Holiday Season and now it's time for gift-giving!! But when you think of what to give, will you just give a pair of socks or another sweater? I would like to suggest that you "GIVE A GIFT WITH MEANING". 

Personalized, engraved and customized jewelry is the very definition of "Gift with Meaning" Your intentions, your thoughtfulness and the effort you invest is the best way to honor your recipient!  

When you think of customized jewelry, what's the first item that comes to your mind? If you ask my sisters, they'll definitely say, an "INITIAL RING!" . It was what they (and all their friends) wanted when they entered middle school! Not only was it a right of passage, it was also a status symbol. With or without a gemstone? The variations were endless.

But now, customized jewelry is so much more than just an initial ring or a class ring! It's a thoughtful sentiment that goes far beyond what you engrave, or what initial you have chose. When you choose personalized jewelry for yourself, or when you give the gift of customized jewelry, you're doing something extra special!!


When gift an engraved item, like our friendship bracelet, you're sending a clear message - you are the only person in the world with this exact item. How special is it to receive an item uniquely crafted?


Sometimes our life appears to us that it's going to fast, that if we blink, we may miss it. That's the intrinsic value of engraved and personalized jewelry.  It captures that moment in time, that brief instant to cement a milestone.  That's why birthstone jewelry is such a fabulous way to commemorate any event!!


Engraved messages, symbols of love and faith transform and elevate a gorgeous piece of jewelry. Choosing your favorite Psalm, to be engraved, is an elegant our way to connect you and your faith.  From rings to necklaces, from bracelets to earrings choosing to get engrave your new treasure adds elegance and brilliance. Thinking about a way to show your partner the love they deserved? With our personalized couples and your partner's names take center stage and display the love and affection you share! 

While I don't think that there's only ONE piece in our engraved collection that stands out above the rest, but I do know that my mom wears her engraved necklace  EVERY DAY and proudly tells her friends that it's a gift from her son. 

This time, It's personal! Make your gift personalized! And now, with 20% off our entire personalized collection - now's the best time for gift giving!