Missing The Little Things. Our Monthly Special Value

My Dear Friends,

I have mentioned the current world pandemic in a few of my blogs over the last year. It is hard to believe that an entire year has passed with most of the world still living within severe lockdown restrictions. The simple pleasure of strolling around a new fascinating foreign country or simply grabbing a quick coffee in your favourite local place that make the perfect blueberry muffin that you miss is unreachable for now. The long giggly chats and warm hugs are also missing from our day to day world. Thanks to modern technology we can see and hear our friends on digital screens but the longing is still there for real life contact and experiences.


There has been a beautiful side effect of lockdown for many of you and that is that we have all begun to really appreciate those little things. The modern day guru’s refer to it as mindfulness but I have always enjoyed paying attention to the finest details in nature. I love our monthly special value this month and feel it is the perfect match for this time of year. The Sterling Silver Beaded Charm Necklace with Floral Charm and Pearl’s delicate design leans on nature for it’s inspiration. You will simply adore how detailed the flower and leaf charms are. I love to mimic the pure beauty found in nature and know just how much it is enjoyed by our customers. The pearl adds a touch of class and sophistication making this beaded charm necklace a memorable piece that can be worn on any occasion. If you are looking to add a pearl necklace to your collection then this is the perfect choice. 

The flower charm in this design was inspired by nature and now as I have learnt to slow down and spend a little longer appreciating how the light reflects around my garden and local area on all the beautiful flowers that have begun to bloom at this special time of year.

I invite you to check out this Beaded Charm Necklace with Floral Charm and Pearl and take a moment this week, or over the next month to take in the beauty that surrounds you. I hope this springtime gifts you with a moment or two to appreciate nature at its best.