ST. Patrick's Day

My Dear Friends,

I would like to wish all those that celebrate it, a wonderful St. Patrick’s Day! This year I have created a special St. Patrick’s Day Collection that features various stylish luck charm pieces.

You have probably heard the phrase “The luck of the Irish…” and if you happen to have Irish friends you will know what great storytellers they tend to be. The Irish culture is filled with many symbols of luck such as the four-leaf clover, known to bring luck to anyone who happens across one.

Many cultures around the world feature stories and symbols associated with good luck or good fortune. The accomplished modern woman of today’s world still finds pleasure and will enjoy the benefits of a charming piece of “lucky” jewellery that she can wear on any occasion for good fortune.

If you are looking to gift that special someone in your life with a good luck charm that they are sure to treasure, then take a look at the delightful pieces in our Saint Patrick’s Day Collection. The timeless Pearl and Clover Charm Stretch Bracelet and the customizable beautifully crafted Dangle Charm Link Bracelet that features the clover, an engraved heart, a puffed heart and alphabetic letter charm of your choice, make these delicate charms beautiful and thoughtful gifts.

This year may see less St. Patrick’s Day parades due to global restrictions. A celebration day for Irish culture, this tradition has spread far and wide dating back as far as 1760 when the first American St. Patrick's Day parade took place in Boston. The tradition of St. Patricks day is one of warmth, joy and good hearted entertainment. Wherever you happen to be in the world and whatever your local restrictions allow I am wishing all of you a joyful St. Patrick’s Day. Lets share the “luck of the Irish” with the world.