Sending Chocolate? Four Special Ways to Celebrate Valentine's Day

"Valentine's Day," Hallmark Holiday, or is there something more? And if there is....why give chocolates, flowers or jewelry? Shouldn't we be expressing our love every day of the year? I don't believe we should limit romance! 

 I know that there's a lot of hype surrounding February 14, and while the history of the actual "date" of Valentine's Day is connected to some ancient rituals, I don't think we should reserve ONE night a year to show love to the ones we fact: Valentine's Day didn't really exist in Israel until a few years it's called the "Day of Love" and it's definitely become a commercial holiday, the way it was in the United States.

So, instead of picking ONE day a year for a romantic getaway, a time to send jewelry or flowers, I have thought of some romantic events that I would like to share with you some romantic ideas that can be done any time of the year! 


If you follow me on social media, you know that I love being in the kitchen with my wife! Whether it's just cooking for two, or cooking for a crew, we love creating and spending time together! It's a great opportunity to experiment, and especially to connect. You can't be on your phones if you're spending time measuring!


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Get all dressed up and head out! It doesn't matter if you head to the movies, the park, or a cafe. Spend the time to don your favorite outfit and head out for a night on the town! 


Hold hands, enjoy the fresh air, and if you have a pet (that's Tiga, by the way) take them too! Clear your head from distractions....smell the flowers! 

In the box or outside the box? A gift is always in style!

What's the icing on the cake of romance? A gift is always in style! You can think "in the box"!  A gift of jewelry is always appreciated, and with the abundance of hearts available in our collection, you'll be able to find the perfect gift - for any budget. Or...think "out of the box"....a fruit basket, cookie delivery, scavenger hunt, or even a staycation! Have fun, be spontaneous, be romantic! Show the one you love some love....any time of the year!

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Enjoy your "Day of Love"....and every day of Love....let me know how you celebrated!

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