The Seasons, They go Round and Round

My Dear Friends, 

I. Love. Spinner. Rings.

But if you've ever visited my collection, you already know that! I would love to tell you about how the spinner ring concept began, but more importantly, I would like to share with you how personal the development of this ring is to me.

I like to think of the spinner ring as "the circle of life". It's time to talk about the cycle of life. While we may experience events, and periods of times that are challenging, our world keeps spinning around us. As a divorced dad, I really was not focused on restarting the dating, courtship, marriage cycle. About a year ago, Sherly came into our offices in Israel.  As professionals in the jewelry industry, our paths had crossed many times over the past 10 years. But something made me push myself to ask her out. Gracefully, she agreed! 


With her living in Italy, and my intense traveling schedule, dating was logistically challenging. But, we made it work! We had an fabulous courtship, and when it was time to "pop the question"...we excitedly made plans for our fall nuptials in Italy.

I like to call this ring the CIRCLE OF LIFE ring, the KARMA ring, the MEDITATION ring, the FIDGET RING, or the WORRY ring. Think about it....if you have anxiety and you're prone to biting or picking your nails, then a spinner ring is perfect!! It's a beautiful (and less obvious) way to move your hands about if you're feeling anxiety. Couple the spinning motion with some deep breaths and you could be on your way to a more calmer state.

danny newfeld married

I love being a newlywed, with all the excitement anticipation and admiration that 


Now, it's time to talk about the "circle / cycle of life." Have you had a difficult day? You can wake up and tomorrow and it will be better. Are you frustrated or stressed? Take some calming, meditative breaths to help you recenter. While you may have months or years that are challenging, our world keeps spinning around us.


Maybe you can now understand how the spinner ring becomes representative of our life cycles. Sometimes our world appears to rotate around us, sometimes we are in orbit looking in. The spinner ring can be your tangible tool to help you grab hold of life. I invite you to to come join the "revolution" of jewelry and find your spinner ring

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